Gift giving: ideas for teens and young adults


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A hot gift for the holdays, Razer released a new mouse featuring 30,000 DPI, the fastest ever.

By: John Kucel, Reporter

Many are stuck when deciding what to get their loved ones for Christmas. The following gift guide will provide an insightful look into what teens and young adults want for Christmas this year.

Band merchandise gifts

Band merchandise is a great gift idea for everyone. High-quality band merchandise is available from PUCK HCKY. It is rather pricey but it is very high quality, they have reliable shipping, and is completely unique. They collaborate with metal bands such as Disturbed, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Anthrax, and countless more. They have a vault filled with bands they collaborated with before but aren’t currently in collaboration with. In the vault is merchandise that isn’t yet sold out and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The website sells pucks, shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, hockey jerseys, and hats all with the band logos on them. Some even include tour dates and specific albums.

Technology gifts

Another great gift idea is an Android phone. iPhones are too expensive and don’t get many new features when they are released almost annually. Androids on the other hand always have new features and some kind of innovative update with each new edition of the phone. If you were to get an iPhone you would have to wait a few years just to see a difference in the phone, due to the small number of changes Apple makes with each model. However, Androids aren’t the only other phone to look into. Blackberry phones are very durable and aren’t very commonly seen.

Gaming gifts

A good purchase would also include a new keyboard, mouse, controller, or console. These can be on the pricier side but they will be worth the investment. It will allow the receiver to be more immersed in the game they are playing. The quality of these items is good, especially for the price. They will likely last several years with little to no issues, and they have a lot of really cool features. For mice, some include the option to have a free scrolling scroll wheel or the typical scroll wheel. You can toggle either of them at any time and some mice include an extra piece at the bottom for left or right-handed people. Controllers have options to customize every single part to your liking online. Some even offer engravings on the front of the controller, which allows for a truly special gift. Even headphones have incredible features such as the ability to pause or start music at any time, adjust the volume on the headphones themselves, and an interchangeable microphone. Keyboards have the ability to control the volume of your computer, have RGB lights, and can come in three types.