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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

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Heated stuffed animals aren’t just for kids

Photo Credit: Photo via Alyssa Cifelli
Studies have shown that 63% of people experience less anxiety after using a weighted item. The pressure these items provide are said to mimic a hug which releases serotonin and dopamine.

Warmies is a heated stuffed animal brand invented in 1995 by the founder of Intex Group in London. Warmies are partially filled with specially treated flaxseed which allows them to hold warmth when placed in the microwave. Heated stuffed animals are not solely for children. Anyone can use their many benefits.     

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Warmies Brand has ensured safety for 25 years so there is no concern of causing burns. Warmies are made with dried lavender which not only repels bugs but has stress-relieving properties and leads to a better night’s sleep. Weighted blankets and stuffed animals are proven to be helpful for people with Autism, anxiety, and sensory issues. Their full-size animals are up to two pounds or “Warmies Juniors” that are about half of a pound. There are also new “Supersized” Warmies that you can put your hands in and “Animal Wraps” that can wrap around a certain part of your body.

They are very durable and hold heat for up to 45 minutes. The fact that they are microwavable is very convenient and mess-free. There is no need to replace or refill a water bottle or insert. There are dozens of different types of designs such as animals, food, plain shapes, and more. Warmies has a product for everyone. Even for those who don’t have a favorite food or animal regular heating pads provide the same level of comfort. They sell a variety of heating pads in their wellness category. The wellness category includes Heatable boots, slippers, eye masks, neck wraps, and more. 

Senior Tess Powel said, “I got a heated stuffed animal for my birthday and It is amazing! It is so comforting and as a woman, it helps me in more ways than one.”

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Although the variety of characters is fun they are not always convenient. If you are planning to use it for pain or soreness then there are certain Warmies that are better than others. Some of them contain more regular stuffing than seeds to keep their unique shape. While they may be cute it does not heat up as well and is not very practical.  Unfortunately, there is only one scent for every stuffed animal. They are all lavender-scented which can become overbearing when heated which is not good for those who don’t like lavender. The scent may change after being heated and reheated for a long time. It can sometimes fade or become less pleasant.  Along with this, the reheating process also weakens the heatable stuffing. After many uses it may take more time to reach the same temperature.

Teacher and mother Jamie Amalfe said, “I don’t even have to heat it up, just the weight it soothes my son. We bought two sloths, one for home and one to travel because he brings it everywhere!”

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Alyssa Cifelli
Alyssa Cifelli, Reporter
Alyssa Cifelli, a Senior at Colonia High School, is very involved in theater in and outside of school and plans to continue through college. Cifelli is an aspiring director of plays and movies who spends her free time gardening and listening to true crime podcasts. She works at a local youth center as a counselor a few days a week along with being a part of Heroes and Cool Kids and five different honor societies. She loves autumn, art, and trying new foods. Cifelli is very excited to be part of The Declaration and hopes to grow as a writer in the process.

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