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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Women breaking the barriers in law enforcement

Females in the police force
Photo Credit: Jada Powell
Women bring a different light to the policing world.

In recent years there has been a shift in the world of law enforcement, specifically policing. Recently, women are breaking barriers and are making their mark in what was once considered a predominately male dominated profession.

History of Women Officers

Historically, the police force has been known for its male dominated culture, with women facing significant challenges in entering and raising through the ranks in the profession. Females who became police officers were often later demoted to jail matrons.

However with increases sing awareness around gender equality and diversity, more and more women are now entering the police force and excelling in their roles. This sudden increase of female officers has brought a needed shift in law enforcement.

Women Police Force Statistics

Women make up half of the Unites States, despite this approximately only %12 are police officers. Within that, only about six percent of police officers in the state of New Jersey are women. Yes, about 60% of law enforcement jobs are done by women, but they are employed as lawyers, jail matrons and other government positions. Here you can learn more about where women lay in the force.

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Although this seems to be a male dominated field, officer Meghan Lyons of the Woodbridge Police Station says “You have to be a certain standard to be a police officer just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t meet the standard”. Some people think that girls are easy to “push over” and are not as tough. Officer Lyons put it very clearly that ” they can’t”. Men and women go through and have different life experiences. Officer Lyons states that ” Females have a different way of doing things. Women have a different way of looking at things in life” this could go for many things. To how cops approach you to the experience or interactions you will have getting arrested or being sent home.

One of the strengths women bring to the police force is their unique perspective an approach. Female officers often demonstrate strong empathy skills and emotional intelligence. These are key to building trust within communities and effectiveness to addressing complex issues.

The inclusion of females in the police force has been shown to improve overall performance and outcomes. Studies have indicated that women tend to be more innovative, collaborative and successful in solving crimes and maintaining public safety. The different viewpoints and experiences that females bring to the table contribute to a more comprehensive approach to la enforcement, leading to more effective and sustainable solutions.

Despite the progress made in promoting gender diversity within the police force, challenges still remain. Issues such as gender bias, discrimination and lack of representation in leadership positions continue. These are big obstacles female officers face.

The increasing presence of females in the police force shows a positive shift towards a more diverse and effective team. By breaking barriers and challenging the stereotypes of women in the work force, female officers are contributing to the safety and security of communities. We are now paving a way for a more inclusive and progressive future.


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Jada Powell
Jada Powell, Editor
Jada Powell is a senior at Colonia High School part of the Varsity Cheer leading team. Powell was a part of the Colonia High School fashion club and recently joined Black Student Union. She has plans on continuing her path with journalism and wants to create her own podcast. Powell wants to have a career as an on screen news reporter. Powell Powell enjoys hanging out with friends, going shopping and collecting vinyls. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys going out meeting and talking to new people. Powell has an interest in government and politics in the United States as well as other countries by watching and reading the news as well as documentaries.

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