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The smashing 1988 hit, ‘Beetlejuice’, is another success for Tim Burton.

Beetlejuice: Another smashing hit from Tim Burton

Tim Burton explores the world of ghosts, the underworld, and the talking dead as he directs Beetlejuice, a 1988 film, starring with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis.

The basis of the film includes a young couple, Barbara and Adam, who die while on their way to their new house in the countryside. When a new couple move in, Barbara and Adam must scare them off in order to peacefully live in their ghost home. When their ‘scaring techniques’ don’t go as planned, they are forced to call for reinforcement; Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice uses a series of different scare tactics to try and scare the new couple out of the house.

The PG rated film deemed as a bit risque, by it’s crude language and sexual behavior. Some scenes are inappropriate to younger views, but overall it is a good family movie. The directing and casting were right on the spot. Michael Keaton perfectly portrayed the role for Beetlejuice, using a combination of comedy and horror. Each character perfectly fit the role, creating a balance of terror and jokes. Tim Burton beautifully constructed the movie using laughter and fear at the same time.

The film’s setting plays a big role in the atmosphere of Beetlejuice. From the creepy graveyard, to the bright shining countryside, the movie is filled with surprises. Any audience member is due for a good time. No matter if you are in the Halloween season or just looking for a good movie to watch, Beetlejuice is a top pick.

Beetlejuice has won many awards since 1988. It got the Academy Award for ‘Best Makeup in 1989 just one year after the releasing of the film.’ Beetlejuice went on to win many awards including the Saturn Award for ‘Best Horror Film, ”Best Director’, ‘Best Supporting Actor,’ Best Supporting Actress’, and ‘Best Make-Up’ in 1990. The film continued to win awards up to the most recent in 2011, the IFMCA Award for the ‘Best Archival Release of an Existing Score.’

The talk of a sequel is still being discussed and pushed aside, even still in 2016. There is no sure evidence of a sequel but there are many different viewpoints on it. Some say it will only ruin the series, while others say it will enhance it. Either way, it seems like a sequel is not in the near future.

Beetlejuice is an enjoyable movie that never gets old. The classic mix of comedy and terror has you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. The saying ‘oldie but goodie’ truly applies here. This movie can be passed on from generation to generation and still be appreciated for its historic role in shaping a new horror movie industry. Rotten Tomatoes gave Beetlejuice an average rating of 7 out of 10.   

Overall, Beetlejuice is a great movie in all aspects. From the characters to the setting to the plot, Beetlejuice remain notorious. The crude humor and eventful horror blend together to create just the right mix of enjoyment.

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