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December 17, 2018


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Stockings lined up along the wall ready to get stuffed! Photo via Flickr under the Creative Common License.

Most kids on Christmas get presents and to top it all off, a stocking! A definition of a stocking is a long and big sock, usually stuffed with extra goodies and presents.

Santa will be delivering stocking stuffers and presents this year, as always. There is always a wide variety of people, like kids, teens, and adults,  wanting goodies in their stocking. Some people even have a family tradition ,or an inside joke in their stocking. For example, some people put oranges or other types of fruit. These are some of the best stocking stuffers that will most likely be in your stocking this Christmas.



‘M&M’ stocking stuffers shaped into candy canes ready to be sold for the season!

One of the easiest and yummiest stocking stuffer to get is candy. This is a very easy, cheap, and flexible stocking stuffer. A lot of people love candy and find it one of the most delicious presents to get. Even popular name brand companies package their candy to be a stocking stuffer. For example, Hershey chocolates does this.

Or even, if your not a fan of chocolate, there’s lots of other options such as: ‘Nerds’, ‘Laffy Taffy’, ‘Sour Patch Kids’, and even regular or candy flavored candy canes.



Fuzzy socks that keep you warm and comfy this cold season. They can also fit into your stocking. Photo via Pixabey Iunder the Creative Common License.

Some people get clothing in their stocking, by this I don’t mean jackets, shirts, or pants. What I mean by this is socks, gloves, winter hats, and more. Most kids who get these in there stocking don’t really care for them, but teens and adults learn to appreciate it much more. Lets be real, you know you can always use a fresh new pair of underwear.

Since the cold holiday season is coming, a great gift to get includes gloves, earmuffs, scarves, and fuzzy socks. They will keep you warm during the winter season and if there is a white Christmas. Especially with socks getting lost in the laundry, this is the best time of year to stock up and replace the mix-matched socks.



The popular electronic this year, Amazon Echo Dot, hits shelves and on sale too! Photo via Pexels under the Creative Common License.

Stockings could also be stuffed with electronic related items. Items like headphones, chargers, cameras, phones, and much more. This category is great for teens. In case you haven’t noticed, teens these days are very into electronic devices. Sometimes, items like these could be really expensive. But, this season there are many good deals that can get you your electronic stocking stuffers really cheap.

At target, their is an ‘Amazon Echo Dot’ which is small enough to fit in your stockings and cheap enough for your budget. Originally $39.99, but it’s currently on sale for $24.99. ‘Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones’ is available from the Neighborhood Collection. the device was originally $199.99, but now it’s on sale for $139.99. These items are perfect and small enough to fit in your stocking.

On the lower end of the budget, an Apple 12W USB power adapter can run you $19, Best Buy has portable phone chargers for about $25 and a simple phone case can range from $30-$50.

Cosmetics/Personal Hygiene


Lots of teenage girls ask for cosmetics, which is a perfect stocking stuffer. Photo via Pexels under the Creative Common License

Stocking stuffers need to be practical for teens.  Basically, most teen girls use makeup in today’s culture. Some girls might even have it on their Christmas list this holiday season. Some boys might ask for a new cologne or deodorant.

Kerri Lishak, sophomore at Colonia High School said,”This year I would probably like shampoo, body wash, hair bands, cosmetics and simple stuff like that. That’s what I usually get every year.”

As you mature, you start to ask for more needs than wants on your list. Which is why it’s a good idea to put deodorant, perfume, body spray, toothbrush, or more personal hygiene products in your stocking. Most products like this are extremely cheap or can be purchased with a coupon. Also consider brushes, nail polish, lotion, hand sanitizer and loofahs can also making for a practical yet exciting surprise in a teen’s stocking. 

Gift Cards


One of the most popular gift cards is an amazon gift card! You get to pick what you want online and it comes right to your door. Photo via Flickr under the Creative Common License

Gift cards is possibly one of the most easiest present/stocking stuffer to buy. In addition, it’s a pretty cheap present.

Most teens and adults love the idea of this because they get to pick out what they want. Furthermore, a gift card is really small and pretty easy to fit into a stocking.

Andie Lewis, senior here at Colonia High School said, “Well, I would like a few gift cards, but not the gift cards that are for one store because what if I get a gift card for a store I don’t even go to!”

Lewis continued, “Well, I usually get a few gift cards or just small little things like candy and money. Just small little things that fit in my stocking.”

And the great thing with a gift card is you can pick the amount to put on the card to give to a person in their stocking. 


According to a poll that about 80 people voted on, the most popular item people want in their stocking this year is gift cards. 30% of people want gift cards in their stocking. In addition, 22.5% want electronics, 18.75% want personal hygiene/cosmetics, 15% want candy, 11.25% want clothing, and 2.5% voted other.

This year, on December 25, when you open your gifts early in the morning, I hope that you receive one of the topics on here that you wanted. 

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