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Although 570 people have competed on Survivor, the reality behind the show is still unknown.

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Although 570 people have competed on Survivor, the reality behind the show is still unknown.

The fans have spoken on the reality of Survivor

Survivor is a reality show on CBS and has been on for 38 seasons. Even though the show has been running for 19 years fans are uncertain of how real this reality show is.

Survivor US all started on May 31, 2000 in Borneo. Since the first season Jeff Probst has hosted the television series. Along with hosting, Probst is also an executive producer along side Mark Burnett and original creator, Parsons. The show has managed to keep up to date with reality television allowing it to last for 19 years.

The television series places a group of strangers usually broken up into two or three “tribes” alone on an island for 39 days. Here the must defend for themselves by building a shelter, finding food and water, starting a fire, etc. Then the contestants must compete in immunity challenges in order to avoid tribal counsel. The losing team heads to tribal counsel and vote off of one of their peers. Eventually two or three contestants make it to the final tribal counsel however, the jury who are former contestants of that season vote for the winner. This person is considered the Sole Survivor and are awarded the 1,000,000 dollar grand prize.

Behind the Scenes

Although fans have seen 570 contestants compete of Survivor and 37 win so far, the logistics behind the show are uncertain. There have been claims that the show is rigged and producers tell contestants who to vote of. A source online has stated that Burnett rigged the first season of Survivor. Contestant Stacey Stillman sued the show stating that Burnett convinced two contestants to vote against her. She was then counter sued for defamation and breach of contract. In the end, both parties settled the situation in court.


Another secret behind the scenes the show doesn’t want people to know is contestants do get help with hygiene products. Producers allow contestants to have a container of necessary supplies. Including: feminine products, birth control, vital medications, contact lens solution, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Other than that they are completely on their own. Razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other products are not provide to the cast so for 39 days they are unable to brush their teeth.


During the challenges fans watch the contestants walk up to the challenge area. However that isn’t the case at all. Contestants are drove in blackout out vehicles so they are unable to see the others camp or the challenge beforehand. Also, challenges take hours even though only a few minutes are shown each week. Each contestant is walked through the challenge by a crew member and are able to ask question regarding it. Then they have time with their time to strategize and decide who will do which part of the challenge. Also, after the challenge contestants meet up with the medical staff to make sure they aren’t hurt.

Lastly, an important fact Survivor doesn’t want us to know is contestants have body doubles. Although contestants do compete in the challenges it is hard to get every single shot. Instead Survivor has a group of people called the “Dream Team” who compete in the challenges so the producers can get all the hard shots. So those shots of the constants hands reaching for the ball or those close up shots underwater and not the contestants, but in fact it is the Dream Team.

All and all, the crew of Survivor tries to make the show as real as possible. However that doesn’t mean everything you see on television series is a reality.




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