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Displaying as the two split faces are the main actors Kang Ha-neul and Kim Mu-yeol.

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Displaying as the two split faces are the main actors Kang Ha-neul and Kim Mu-yeol.

Plot-twist after plot-twist, Forgotten leaves viewers speechless

Every Halloween season there is always a visible divide when deciding what movie to watch. Specifically between the people who love horror movies and those who despise it. Luckily, Forgotten, a thriller/mystery movie, is the perfect medium that everyone can enjoy.


The South Korean movie Forgotten was released on November 29, 2017. Forgotten is a mystery/thriller movie with mind blowing plot-twists. The movie stars famous actors Kang Ha-neul, who is well known for his work in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and When the Camellia Blooms. Also, the actor Kim Mu-yeol known from A Muse. Forgotten was directed by Jang Hang-jun, who also directed the famous K-Drama Pinocchio. Additionally, it was produced by Park-joon Sik. 

The film was first released in South Korea, then it was released on Netflix which is available to 190 countries. Furthermore, the movie grossed $9,968,972.  


The movie begins when Jin-seok, played by Kang Ha-neul, moves into his new home with his family. Jin-seok has a close relationship with his mother, father and especially his brother, Yoo-seok, who is played by Kim Mu-yeo. While taking a stroll one night, Jin-seok witnesses his brother getting kidnapped. While his brother is gone, Jin-seok suddenly starts experiencing nightmares. He also starts to hear noises coming from the room across his, that he is not allowed to open, and gets paranoid. 

After 19 days gone missing, Yoo-seok returns as a different person with no recollection of his kidnapping. With many questions in mind, Jin-seok starts to investigate what really went on with the kidnapping of his brother.

Throughout the film, there are numerous twists that will leave you in a state of shock. Many events take place that may seem out of place, but in the end, it comes all together. With that being said there is not much I can say about the plot without spoiling it. 


Although the film is in Korean, that should not restrain you from watching the movie. Don’t let the language barrier alter you to not watch a movie. Netflix provides translations in different languages allowing you to watch it. Watching the movie will make having to read the subtitles all worth it in the end. 

The incredible acting will have you immersed in the film. It will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. The different plot-twist caught me off guard and shocked me each time. 

One user on IMDb left a review sayingSaw this on Netflix. Saw the trailer and immediately watched it. After watching it. Wow. Did not expect this film to be this good. The film is tragic beyond words. It’s hard to talk much without spoiling anything. Performances, writing, direction were all great! Definitely a must see!”

Those who were not a fan of the movie though commented “My goodness, the drama! It’s so over the top and it’s excessive twists just don’t make any sense. The movie is entertaining, kudos to that, but overall it tries to achieve too much and ends up borderline laughable. It didn’t move me in the slightest.”


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