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“Hubie Halloween” is featured on the streaming service, Netflix

Netflix’s new movie “Hubie Halloween” brings humor to Halloween

Netflix recently released a new movie, Hubie Halloween, that stars Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler is an actor that has starred in many movies including Grown UpsBig Daddy, 50 First Dates, and many more.


Hubie Halloween is set in Salem, Massachussetts on October 3st (Halloween). Salem is a town that involves themselves in different pranks and other devious activities on Halloween. Sandler’s character, Hubie, is the one who gets those pranks directed at him. Each year, people in the town target Hubie by throwing different things at him, plotting mischievious pranks around him, and mocking him. Hubie acts as the patrol around Halloween, making sure kids aren’t buying or doing unusual things. Even though Hubie is doing this to try and make his town safe, it makes him look like a snitch.

This year, a dangerous mental patient, Richie, has broken out near Salem. Short after that, people start to go missing. Hubie takes this as his time to investigate. Even though, the only people that agree that something is happening is his crush, Violet Valentine, and his neighbor Walter Lambert. Lambert gives off many indications that he may be a werewolf, and Hubie keeps this in mind. After a series of other members of their community go missing, Hubie is convinced that Walter is the culprit. However, the Sergeant and others all believe it is Hubie.

*Spoiler Alert* it’s revealed at the end that Hubie’s mother was the culprit. She kidnapped them as revenge for bullying Hubie and planned to burn them alive. Hubie rescues those who were taken, and his mother flees. A year later, everything seems to be happily ever after. Hubie is married to Violet Valentine and the new mayor of Salem.


Adam Sandler is known to be full of comedy in the movies that he stars in. Hubie Halloween is an example of this. However, this movie seemed very chaotic. While watching, it seemed like one thing was happening after another with little to no explanation of what was happening. It also felt like they were trying to hard with their humor. Some of the jokes just felt really dragged on, and became boring by the end of the movie. If this wasn’t a movie starring Adam Sandler, then it would be fine. However, Adam Sandler is known for his funny movies, and the plot of Hubie Halloween felt like it was thrown together last minute.

However, there were a lot of good moments in the movie. It is cliche to have Sandler wind up with the gorgeous actress at the end of the movie, but it is something we always look forward to. This movie brought a funnier take to Halloween, and gives us a break from all of the horror movies. This movie did, of course, have it’s fair share of moments where we couldn’t stop laughing. Overall, I would give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Happy Halloween!

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