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Only 8% of people like horror movies and of that 8% majority are Millenials according to CivicScience.

Invoke the Halloween spirit with these must-watch shows

These days Covid is scarier than most horror films, but here are a few that can help put you conjure the Halloween spirit.

In Rebecca Rubin’s article in Variety she explains that Millenials might be the reason ticket box offices are seeing a rise in ticket sales for Horror movies. Movio, a provider of movie-marketing software, found “44% of paranormal horror fans go to the movies more than 12 times a year, while 56% of sci-fi aficionados attend multiplexes over a dozen times a year.”

People ultimately love a good scare or do they? “Fear is a powerful reaction in the human body and was originated from our “fight or flight” instincts. When we are scared, our body releases hormones and adrenaline, which makes us faster and stronger. To some people this reaction is pleasant, and to others, uncomfortable.” This idea is expressed throughout the article There’s Scientific Reason Why People Like (or Dislike) Horror Movies which goes on to explain “If you were slowly assimilated into the horror genre through tamer movies during your childhood and not scared by horror heavy-hitters like The Shining, then you are more likely to enjoy scarier movies later on in life.”

Recommendations for Watching  Scary Movies

If scary movies are your thing or if you are trying to get into the Halloween mood here are some recommendations.

  1. Know what you can handle. You don’t want to give yourself nightmares for months so know your limits. Remember you can always turn the movie off if you are watching it at home.
  2. Watch the movie in your house if you scare easy. Although in New Jersey movie theaters are open, it might be best to watch these movies/ shows from the comfort of your couch. The Chicago Tribune reported “92 percent [of people] prefer to watch a scary movie at home instead of at a movie theater.”
  3. Set up the ambiance or don’t if you are a scaredy-cat. In the same article by The Chicago Tribune, “73 percent watch scary movies in the dark.” So turn off the lights, light a candle, grab your popcorn and prepare for the jump scare.
  4. If you scare easily, watch the previews and spoilers. If you truly want to be scared, just hit play.

Some movies/ shows on our list are family friendly having a low scare rating, while others should not be watched by small children.

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