What camera will be added to your wishlist this year?

December 7, 2020


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Choosing a camera can be difficult because of the vast variety there are.

As the holidays are coming up, a new camera may be on your wish list. By the end of this reading, you will hopefully have a better idea of what you are looking for in a camera.

Now, it may be stressful to know where to start, but finding out the qualities you want in your camera first, is a good place. You should think about what you will be using your camera for. Rather it is videography or photography, people, travel, wildlife, family gatherings, or sporting events.

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Point and shoot cameras

Capturing moments through pictures can be important to people who like looking back to the past.

Photo Credit: photo by PxHere under Creative Common License

Capturing moments through pictures can be important to people who like looking back to the past.

For people just trying to capture memories of family events or gatherings, a point-and-shoot camera could be perfect. Not everyone has to learn all of the features that an interchangeable lens camera has. These are good for anyone wanting some better quality photos that a phone can take.  They are also great for younger kids with an interest in photography. Here are some options for a good point and shoot cameras for different scenarios like vlogging, travel, or waterproof cameras.

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Tips for getting the most out of your budget

Make sure to look for a camera that is best for your experience level and budget. You may not want to buy a really expensive first camera and not know how to properly use it. Find a good price range you are willing to set. This can help you limit a lot of options. Don’t just pick a maximum limit though, try to find an actual range between a couple of hundred dollars. Also, figure out honestly what your experience level is. It is okay to be a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere.

Personally, My limit was $800, but it honestly depends on what you feel is right. I also didn’t really want to spend less than $500, because then I felt like the quality wouldn’t be as good. But, I also because I wanted to get more than just the body of the camera. I would highly suggest getting a kit, making sure it has at least the camera body and a lens. In the long run, it is cheaper buying both together because lenses alone can be a couple of hundred dollars. You also can’t use your camera yet if you don’t have a lens, so it also helps in your convenience.

Marvin Malino, a high school student explains that he got a starter bundle kit with his Nikon d3500 camera.

He says, “I think the camera was definitely worth the price and it was very cheap compared to other cameras. ”

It was around $700 and for the number of items he got, it was very worth it. Not all cameras have package deals, but if it does, I would highly recommend checking them out. Canon and Nikon offer the most variety of starter kits in their cameras than other brands.

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Mirrorless or DSLR

Another factor that is important is whether you want a mirrorless or DSLR camera. Most camera brands make both styles, but some are more notable for one over the other. A mirrorless camera works by having light pass through the lens directly to a digital sensor. Then, the image is displayed on the camera’s LCD screen. This allows you to adjust settings and preview your image before it’s shot. Ashley Eisdorfor has a mirrorless Fuji Film camera that was recommended by a professional. She feels her camera is more advanced though and has more settings.

She says, ” I’ve been very happy with this purchase, and I use it to take videos and pictures… it is excellent quality and has numerous settings for different locations.”

A DSLR works by using a reflex mirror (or prism) that reflects light into an optical viewfinder. For the photo to be taken, the mirror moves when the shutter is released. This opens up a path to the imaging sensor. If that sounds confusing still, just know that one camera type has a mirror in it (DSLR) and the other without a mirror, hence the name mirrorless.

Other factors to consider

Take the weight of the cameras into consideration because you might be carrying it around a lot. DSLR cameras are bigger and bulkier, therefore weigh more. But, mirrorless cameras have a shorter battery life, which can be an easy fix if you just buy an extra battery. If you are a beginner, a camera that has different shooting modes could be a game-changer for you. You would just have to switch the mode depending on what type of photo you want to take. Some modes are landscape, portrait, sports, or close up. Not every camera has these modes, but if you don’t want the hassle of learning what everything means, then this is a quick and easy option for you.

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Other important features to look at

Lastly, figure out some features you want your camera to have. Wi-Fi connectivity, for example, allows easier and faster uploading when transferring your pictures onto another device. For someone who is interested in videography, making sure your camera has high-quality video is important. Having a 1080p resolution or higher is something crucial to have. The lower the resolution is, the more blurry or pixelated the quality will be. Higher frames per second (fps) in videos results in better quality as well. This refers to how many frames the camera can capture in each second of the video. The higher the fps, the more frames can be captured each second, creating a better quality video.

A camera for photography also has fps. The fps for photos is how fast your camera can capture photos per second. Having a higher fps allows more photos to be captured in that same second than a lower one. If you need to take pictures of fast-moving things like sporting events, having a higher fps is important to capture more clear images. A camera with at least 5 fps is good, but should be higher (around 10 fps) if you plan on taking sports photos.

Image stability can be another consideration for you, especially if you know you have more shakey hands. This feature helps make images less shakey because it helps steady them. If you feel you are going to be taking pictures in the rain, try to get a camera that is waterproof. Continue to look at the features you find important and you should be able to choose a camera in no time.

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