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Rumored to live in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Jersey Devil is reported having hooves, wings and a goat-like head. It is a bit more menacing than the mascot of the New Jersey hockey team.

‘The Garden State’ is really the haunted state

Although New Jersey is only 8,729 square miles, it is chuck full of paranormal places to visit especially around Halloween. Weird NJ, a semi-annual magazine, has documented these supernatural occurrences in New Jersey since 1989. Originally sent out as a newsletter,  Weird NJ chronicles abandon buildings, peculiar landmarks and creepy experiences from all over the state.  Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, the writers and owners of the magazine, sparked such a following that the History Channel turned their investigations into a television series.

Teens and adults all over New Jersey set out to explore these Weird NJ places in hopes seeing a ghost, being chased off the road, coming face to face with the Jersey Devil, or locating the portal to hell. Some people are not up for the scare factor. But they enjoy visiting the oddities that make up many of New Jersey’s towns. These oddities include a Mercedes Benz tombstone, a Three Stooges Headstone, Lucy The Elephant and a jet in the woods.

Some thrill seekers prefer exploring abandoned buildings and villages like Midgetville, The Union Hotel and Overbrook Asylum. For a more intense experience, many teens and people visit these locations at night.

When it comes to hauntings in New Jersey, Revolutionary War soldier ghost are the most common to haunt establishments. A few of those places are The Proprietary House in Perth Amboy, The Ayers-Allen House in Metuchen, and The Old Bernardsville Public Library. A few New Jersey universities have also experienced some hauntings such as Kean University’s East Campus and Wilkins Theater, Drew University and Fairleigh Dickenson University. The ghosts of reported witches such as the 13 Bumps that can be felt on a road in Watchung.

The Declaration staff researched five peculiar location in New Jersey rumored to be haunted or cursed. One article is on a strange artifact that has ties to our hometown that not many people know about. Folk lore or real, you decide.

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