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You have to love yourself first, before loving others. Many look for love in all the wrong places, instead of working on the love within.

Why everyone should watch rom-coms

Love doesn’t always have to hurt. It can also be funny like in these romantic comedies or rom-coms. “In 2021, romantic comedies grossed around $1.36 million across the United States and Canada” which was an all-time low for the genre. But as we bounce back from a pandemic, the need for rom-coms is even greater.

People’s 2020 article “Why We Need Romantic Comedies More Than Ever at This Moment” explains that rom-coms are “hopeful and happy “and “incredibly consistent.” Now, more than ever, society needs something to be hopeful about after living with uncertainty for years. Who doesn’t need a little happiness in their life either?

Although, some people see the predictability of rom-coms to be bothersome, some embrace every meet-cute. “Unrealistic relationships in rom-coms make you romanticize life and raises your expectations,” explained Lily Borek, sophomore.  GQ magazine’s article “Why men need romcoms more than ever” stated, “The romcom is the ultimate escapist fantasy because the world in which it works is proscribed almost by legislation. The romcom can only work in a controlled environment, and when we live and work in an increasingly deregulated, chaotic environment, one that is witnessing a shift in demographic certainties driven by the most fundamental of industrial and technological changes.”

“Rom-coms give a false reality of love that appeals girls. The love in romcoms is ideal especially for teens,” added senior Dylan DaCunha. She went on to explain that the cute things guys do in these movies to win the girl become the wishes and hopes of many girls hoping to fall in love.

Men and rom-coms

So why don’t guys enjoy rom-coms as much as women? Some suggest it is because men are told they shouldn’t like these movies or that these movies have the stigma of being girlie. Surprisingly, the GQ article goes on to explain that “more than 40 per cent of men cry when they’re watching a romcom up in the air.” The author found that men feel an airplane is a safe space to explore normally untapped emotions. Furthermore, the article suggest that men should watch rom-coms to understand women better and to help those looking for guidance or reassurance in how to properly flirt in modern times. There is no class one can take on how to woo a girl so how else can a guy pick up some skills? Men can learn a lot from watching rom-coms.

Lastly, the idea of love and wanting to be love is a part of the human condition; it is not gender specific. “Every comedy even if it isn’t a rom-com contains a love interest,” noted senior Joseph Sanfillipo. And that is because we all desire love.

So, guy or girl, open your mind and your heart to these recommended rom-coms. You might just learn some thing. “Even if you don’t have a Valentine, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day with a rom-com,” explained Borek, sophomore.



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