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This movie proves that opposites do indeed attract one another.

Is Purple Hearts the next big romance movie?

Purple Hearts is a romance movie that was made in production for Netflix, directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. The film was released on Jul. 29, 2022, starring Sofia Carson (Cassie) and Nicholas Galitzine (Luke).

The movie is solely based on the novel Purple Hearts by Tess Wakefield. Wakefield released the novel on April 25, 2017, being her first published adult book.

Carson is known for her role as Evie in the franchise Descendants, which gave her the opportunity of releasing her own songs. Galitzine has been in the acting industry since 2014, but came into fame when he portrayed the prince in Camila Cabello´s version of Cinderella.

Rating and Where to Watch:

Rating: R

Streaming: Netflix, Itunes, Amazon, VUDU, Google Play


Cassie and Luke are complete opposites of one another, but put their differences aside in time of desperate need. Cassie is a Type 1 diabetic who barely makes ends meet with her job as a waitress and Luke is a recovering drug addict, enlisted to the marines.

They met at the bar where Cassie works, and they got off to the wrong start. She had no intentions of ever seeing Luke again, but he brings up an offer she cannot turn down. Both of them agree to get married so Cassie will have health insurance and Luke will get extra money to pay off his debt.

Before Luke gets shipped off to Iraq, he explains to Cassie that there are some things they need to do. He tells her that they need to communicate on a weekly schedule, and send letters to seem in love. Luke said if anyone finds out their marriage is based on personal needs, they could serve time. A fake marriage within the army is considered fraud against the government.

None of them expected Luke´s tour to be cut short when he got injured during watch duty. From there, Luke and Cassie are forced to live with one another and keep up the facade of their marriage.


Honestly this movie was not so bad. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters and how different they are from one another. We have Cassie who is strong willed and won´t back down on what she believes in, and Luke who is not hundred percent sure who he is. We see throughout the film on how their relationship forms. At first we see them not liking one another, but then it turns into something different with time.

Even though Cassie did not want to admit it, she had a soft spot for Luke from the beginning. I noticed it when they were in the hotel room and she was concerned for him. Luke was having a nervous breakdown, knowing tomorrow he was being sent to fight. When Cassie realized what was happening, she admittedly sat next to him and listened to what he had to say.

Carson and Galitzine did a wonderful job portraying these characters. Whenever they were on screen, you could see the chemistry the two characters had between them even though they tried to ignore it.





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