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October 15, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 15, 2019

Bridges I stitched the fragments of my shattered heart Living too fast I forgot to be careful Too much for me , you were a handful Now i’m left to walk from the start   I lost some of me when we split apart The days and the nights were dreadful My eyes were tearful, my heart fearful. Now I am bound to restart.   Our burned bridges ...

October 10, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 10, 2019

The heart of a lion Blazing rage carries the lion Through the storm of the jungle For he fears none and Carries himself with dignity Until his last breath And even with his last breath drawn He knows no defeat...

October 7, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 7, 2019

No Title Those that can glimmer Without the materialistic Are the most beautiful of are  Those that shine Just with just their smile Are the most genuine Do not break those people With unreachable societally  standards -Those who stand out   Like valleys and streams Your eyes flow with water The hurt is evident Yet you hide behind a mas...

October 4, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 4, 2019

      Running Through the rocks and gravel The sand, and concrete Through the rain and blizzards I run I run and I run and I run Not because I’m scared Not because i’m searching But I know if I ever stopped running I’d be standing in the midst of the world Alone...

October 3, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 3, 2019

Like a star you shine bright Bewildered by the world That forces you To put things into perspective That things hurt, And people change But like a star you endure The harsh coldness of space And face reality everyday Even if you might want to escape And just like the streams That flow throughout this world You glisten with a beautiful glow Even when people try to...

October 2, Poem

October 2, 2019

Unmeasurable Distance and time are unmeasurable I can’t count the steps it took To get to you And I forget the time it took To know your heart All I know is that in the freezing cold You are my warmth And in the restless heat You are my shade The only thing i can truly measure Is my love for you                           ~ a boy madly in love...

October 1, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

October 1, 2019

Don't drop me In the waking of the chilling night I look into myself To find the scattered shards Of me I let the wind sway me side to side Riding the thrashing waves Waiting for help Then came you The wings of Icarus You lifted me up Just to crash me back down....

Septemember 30, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

September 30, 2019

And as I kissed her lips I tasted a fresh diviness that lacked the follicles That has impacted the world. And for a second I could see a future That laid bear a ripe and bewildering path Where I may walk and speak my truth And it wouldn’t just be an utterance That spread through the ether like  A poisonous gas which journey only lay to hurt A sparkl...

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