New Inspiring Disney Movie Zootopia


Photo Credit: Khrystine Miranda

The New Disney Movie Poster Zootopia

By: Khrystine Miranda, Spring Reporter

The New movie Zootopia was released March 4th and has already sold out on its first night released. Opening weekend box-office earned a total of $73.7 million beating Frozen’s opening week which came out as $67.4 million.  The movie was viewed in IMAX 3D, Regular 3D or standard. Zootopia earnings now are a total in box office of $787.6 million. Worldwide it has a gross of $853 million and is currently the highest grossing film in 2016. It is still in theaters in standard and 3D.

Zootopia had an amazing story behind it. Judy Hopps the bunny had a big dream to become a cop and no one believed in her dream but herself. Her parents wanted her staying home taking care of the plantation farm they own, but her dream was to go to Zootopia to fight crime and solve cases. When she became a police officer and moved to Zootopia she was assigned parking ticket duty as an alternative to solving cases because of her petite frame the chief of police underestimated her abilities.

She was only allowed to solve one case in which she was given 48 hours or she would have to give up her badge. She had a help from a stubborn fox and at the end became her friend to help solve this case because he was a witness. When the case closed, the missing people, who were predators, went wild and the non-predators were terrified for their lives because they didn’t know the danger they may have been in. They lived in an environment of mixed species. The helpless animals ended up going against the predators but Judy didn’t like the idea and was going to get to the bottom of it.

Ginnifer Goodwin voiced Judy Hopps. She’s also stars in TV series called Once Upon a Time. Shakira also is in the movie as a famous singer in the movie. Nick Wilde, the fox, is voiced by a famous actor named Jason Bateman. There a lot of celebrities voicing theses amazing characters.

Zootopia is the 55th animated feature in Walt Disney animated classics series. It was also considered a humorous and intelligent movie. The name Zootopia was actually derived from the original name Zootropolis which needed to be shortened – hence Zootopia.

The directors of Zootopia, Bryon Howard, Jaared Bush and Rich Moore also did other famous movies such as Bolt, Wreck it Ralph, Tangled and many more.

Zootopia shows young viewers never to give up on your dreams no matter how big or small they may be just like Judy Hopps never gave up on hers!