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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Growing up a Triplet

Photo Credit: Samantha Fioravanti
Age comparison of triplets Kyle, Riley and Ilya (order left to right in the top picture)

The odds of conceiving triplets naturally is 1 in 8,000, the odds of conceiving identical triplets naturally is 1 in 200,000,000. Colonia High School holds those one of those sets of triplets.

Sophomores Kyle Mason Kirejevas, Riley Nelson Kirejevas and Ilya Carson Kirejevas are Colonia High School’s only set of identical triplets. At 20 weeks of pregnancy mother Paula and father Ilya were shocked to find out that they were expecting triplets. “My initial reaction was to cry because we were only expecting to have one,” said Paula Kirejevas.

The couple already had a daughter 2 years prior, Rachel Kirejevas, a current senior at Colonia High. Paula, an identical twin herself, was not prepared for the news of her set of multiples.

The triplets were born on August 25, 2000 through a mandatory C-section at 33 weeks. Kyle was the first and largest at 4lbs 3oz, then Riley at 3lbs 4oz and finally Ilya the smallest at 2lbs 2oz. The triplets had to stay in the hospital due to their prematurity and came home at different times. Kyle was the first to come home after only 10 days in the hospital and Riley followed a week later. Ilya on the other hand had to stay in the hospital for 7 weeks which felt like an eternity for his parents. Caring for the triplets was a big adjustment for the family, so help from relatives, neighbors and members of the Zion Lutheran Church were very much appreciated. The use of different colored clothing and the boy’s difference in weight helped tell them apart.

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The triplet's mother, Paula and her identical twin sister Patricia when they were young girls.
Photo Credit: Paula Kirejevas
The triplet’s mother, Paula and her identical twin sister Patricia when they were young girls.

Growing up, the boys were close and got along very well. They frequently played hide and seek (it was one of their favorite games) and other games young children liked to play. They were so close that they even enjoyed dressing up in matching themed Halloween costumes each year.

During their freshman year all three of the boys were on the freshman soccer team to be more involved with school and make new friends. Today, the boys lead very different lives. Kyle is on the Varsity Boys’ Volleyball team here at Colonia and is 9th in the state for number of digs. He is also excelling in AP and college courses as a sophomore. Riley is involved with the JV soccer team in the Fall and spends a good amount of his free time playing video games. Ilya is no longer involved with sports but stays active with skateboarding. The triplets are all currently in Honors English and keep up with all of their school work and activities.

The boys do not get along as well as they used to, which is understandable when three boys go from sharing a womb to a room for their entire lives thus far. Between lack of space and sibling rivalry there are bound to be disagreements, like any normal siblings. No matter how much tension is between the three of them, they will always be connected by the uniqueness of their case.

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Samantha Fioravanti
Samantha Fioravanti, Spring Reporter
Sam Fioravanti is 16 years old and is currently a junior at Colonia High School. She enjoys going on adventures, spending time with friends and playing softball. "Fio" her teammates like to call her, is an outfielder for Colonia High's Softball team and this will be her third year playing  after coming back from a shoulder injury. Fioravanti has three dogs and loves animals. She also enjoys the beach and is fascinated by sharks and other marine life. This is her first year writing for the newspaper and is excited to gain more writing experience. She hopes to attend Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina to study marine biology.

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Growing up a Triplet