New teachers at Colonia High School


Photo Credit: Misri Patel

Colonia High School

By: Misri Patel, Fall Reporter

 On September 6th, three new teachers: Jamie Celia, Daniel Chester and Ryan McCullough, were warmly welcomed into Colonia High School, and embarked a new journey to teach students to be successful.

Students and other members of the CHS community were eager to learn the three teacher’s feelings. As the investigation went on, it was discovered that the teachers had a feeling of mixed emotions on the first day. 

Part of this was because that they were nervous of how the students would be.  Another concern was their expectations of students, and what the students expected from the teachers. Chester, Celia, and McCullough all had agreed that there is a lot to learn. Taking it slowly is the only way that it will be possible to learn all of it.

Each new teacher is part of a different course department. Celia teaches graphic design one and visual arts one in the art department. Chester teaches chemistry, and biology in the science department. Lastly, McCullough teaches web and beyond in the business department.

When asked how comfortable they felt in CHS, Celia responded, “ I am feeling more comfortable since the first days of school, but I am feeling more and more comfortable as the days go by. Chester also commented, “I am feeling comfortable, but I still don’t know where everything is.”

Getting to know the environment was a key point for the teachers. All of the new teachers said CHS’s environment is very warm and welcoming. When asked how they would describe CHS in one word, the teachers had similar responses. Celia and Chester had said diverse and unique, and that Colonia High is very different from where they’ve taught before.

Taking new teachers seriously is another concern. Many high school students take advantage of a new or substitute teacher. With two different answers both teachers stated their opinions on what they felt. Celia has stated, “No, I haven’t run into that. Think about how many times you get the same teacher. Its new for everyone.” Chester disagreed, and had a totally different answer. He said, ” I feel like that is going to happen regardless, what grade you teach, so as long as you set your standards it will be fine.”

But what were their feelings when they earned their job acceptance? Celia, had said “When I first found out that I got the job, I was grateful and realized that hard work does pay off.”  Chester had just replied with a one word answer saying, “Exciting.”