Do students want to go to Halloween attractions?


Photo Credit: Photo via Patrick Coveny

A pumpkin patch in New Egypt, New Jersey.

By: Angelina Wintonick, Co-Editor in Chief

With Halloween quickly approaching, people all over the country are enjoying many fall festivities. This includes famous haunted hayrides, haunted houses, fright fest at six flags, pumpkin picking and countless more attractions.  

Dakota Dacunha, a 11th grade student here at Colonia High, loves the fall season, and attractions that people can visit leading up to Oct. 31st.  Even though she only has visited one attraction this year, she plans to visit two or three more leading up to Halloween.  

Dacunha visited the Field of Terror in East Windsor, New Jersey and she strongly recommends it.  She loved the “Killer Kornfield” which is a huge corn maze where farmers with chainsaws chase you. Dacunha says that she enjoys corn mazes the most because she loves a good scare.  The corn mazes create a sense of suspense and frightfulness for her.  

Dacunha plans to go pumpkin picking, visit Fright Fest at Six Flags, and the Brighton Asylum this year.  Fright Fest is a very popular attraction not only in New Jersey, but all over the country as well.  While you are in the park, characters that dress up as zombies can chase you around and even come on rides with you.  You can also tour through haunted houses, inside the park.  They have haunted hayrides as well, where characters can jump on the side of your ride.  

Pumpkin picking is very popular during the month of October in the USA.  Millions of people a year go pumpkin picking with their friends and families. It is a fun experience for families with little children, as well as other people of all ages. Patrick Coveny, a 12th grade student at Colonia High School, doesn’t enjoy all the scary attractions as much as other fall festivities, such as pumpkin picking. Coveny visited Emery’s Berry Farm in New Egypt, NJ and strongly recommends it.  

Other attractions people visit during the fall time include haunted roads.  Dacunha said that she would love to visit  Clinton Road, in West Milford, New Jersey, which is one of the most visited haunted roads in America.  It is in a heavily wooded area, with barely no houses. One of the attractions there is a bridge that tourists  call the “Ghost Boy’s Bridge.”  People who travel there can get a good scare, as well as by the other landmarks on that road.  

Halloween is one of the best times a year according to Dacunha, and she enjoys the frightfulness and scares. Coveny is filled with excitement as well, for the pumpkin picking and other fun festivities.

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