Can ghosts exist according to science?


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Do you believe in ghosts?

By: Jada Davis, Senior Opinion Editor

The debate of ghosts and spirits is questionable, however, some scientists theorize paranormal activity.

According to, Paranormal is defined as “The claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation.” Even though paranormal activity is said to have no scientific explanation, scientists still look into this topic. They have looked to see if there’s any possibility of ghosts or spirits being real.

The Science Side

Most scientists don’t believe that ghosts are real. A lot of researchers can agree that ghost “sightings” can just be coincidences. A statement from Live Science says, “Personal experience is one thing, but scientific evidence is another matter.” Scientists can’t properly test if ghosts are real because there’s no hard evidence to their existence. Scientists can only rely on of what others say they have seen.

The equipment used by some people to detect ghosts is questionable. Ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Hunters, use certain technology to detect ghosts. One example is electromagnetic frequency detectors or EMF for short. says that EMF detectors are used to read “temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic energy.” Furthermore, scientists observe for changes in their data and relate it to paranormal activity.

Colonia High Perspective

In an interview with Mr. Cuches, a science teacher at Colonia High School, he told me that the tools used to detect ghosts aren’t all that they seem. He said, “Some of them might work, but not all detectors are real. Ghost hunting shows are just trying to get higher ratings” Mr. Cuches himself says on the record that he believes in ghost, even though most people in the science field don’t believe in them.

Even with most scientists claims disproving their existence, people still believe in ghosts. Frankie Brock, junior class president, argues against scientists who believe ghosts aren’t real by saying, “Spirits aren’t a scientific thing. It’s not something that you can prove. It’s just the way you feel.”

When students were asked if they believed in ghosts on Google Form put on Twitter and Snapchat73% of them said they believed in them. 48.6% of participants said they’ve had an experience with some form of spirits. There was a box for people with experiences to type what happened. One anonymous person typed, “One night, I heard the voice of my deceased grandma. She told me to be careful of a neon green car. The next day, a neon green car drove through a red light while I was crossing the street.”

The Huffington Post reported in 2012 in a YouGov poll of 1,000 people that 45% of people believe in ghosts or spirits of the dead. 32% of those polled thought that ghosts or spirits could harm you but 59% said they have not experienced paranormal activity.  Therefore, many people believe in ghosts even though they have not experienced an encounter.

Although the scientific research on paranormal activity is inconclusive, it is a controversial issue up for person debate. So, do you believe in ghosts?