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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Juniors learn to put safety first

Photo Credit: Frankie Brock
Presenting statistics on driver fatality, Bill Meary addresses the audience.

As students tackle the constant milestones that make up their junior year of high school, they become more independent and self-sufficient. One of the greatest milestones in a teenagers life is getting their drivers license, an achievement most of the juniors at Colonia High School have already accomplished, or are looking forward to it in the near future.

Preparing to learn about the dangers of the road, the audience listens cautiously to presenter Bill Meary. Photo Credit: Frankie Brock 

Young drivers often neglect road safety. Presenters from the Keep Middlesex Moving Company visited Colonia High School on December 12, 2017, to help students become more aware of the dangers that surround them each time they find themselves behind the wheel.

Bill Meary lead present said the program started “Because the danger of young drivers is immeasurable and should know, the students need to be aware of what they are facing each time they step in a car. It is a program designed to save young people’s lives.” He Hopes that the students pay attention and actively participate in the assembly. Meary believes ” The program does get through to them. Whether it’s a long-term memory or just a fleeting realization I’m not sure. But our main goal is to make students want to practice road safety.”

Presentation Key Safety Information

The Juniors at Colonia were to learn that Motor Vehicle Crashes are the#1 cause of death of 13-19-year-olds. One million people have died worldwide in motor vehicle crashes in the last 25 years. Over 40,000 deaths occur each year in the United States alone. Though these statistics may seem daunting, fatalities such as these are easily preventable.

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85 percent of accidents happen because of reckless driving. Reckless driving could be speeding, but a majority of the time it is the result of distraction. Teens need to learn to turn the radio down, turn down the snack if your driving, and limit passenger conversations. This will help young drivers to keep their focus on where it should be… the road.

In New Jersey, 65% of Teen Passenger deaths occur while another teen is driving. A point made by speaker Bill Meary was ” The number one killer of teens if other teens. They don’t carry guns, they carry car keys.” People are more likely to drive recklessly in areas they are familiar with. When driving locally a driver must remember to not let their guard down. Majority of accidents happen within ten miles of the drivers home. 

Driving is more than steering and stepping on the gas or brake. Driving is not just moving, it is about being aware and alert. If a driver is fully aware they most look out for other cars as well as Pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way, it is the driver’s responsibility to stop and stay stopped. As a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to pay attention as well and watch out for oncoming cars.

Tips to Make Your Ride a Safe One

  1. Buckle up every time
  2. Limit questions and conversations with the driver
  3. Set the radio or phone and leave it alone
  4. No horsing around with other passengers
  5. Be alert- watch the traffic for potential hazards
  6. put your phone AWAY

Audience Feedback on Safety presentation

The Juniors at Colonia were engaged and eager to learn the safety tips being presented to them. Two volunteers Ethan Maltez and Juan Rodriguez were tested in terms of distraction. The audience found this amusing. They were also able to see how easily people become distracted.

Not every student took the assembly seriously, but that is too be accepted when concerning a group of over three hundred adolescents. The important message received by the group of students was that safety should always be on the back of everyone’s mind.

Safety on the road at night
Becoming aware of the dangers of driving, the teens learn to be more cautious at night from presenter Bill Meary Photo Credit: Frankie Brock 

Amanda Kavaja considers herself a level-headed teen. She could never imagine herself in an accident but still pulled a valuable lesson from the presentation. “I’ve always known about road safety.  I’ve been told not to be reckless. But, I didn’t realize how many people are affected by car accidents. The presentation really opened my eyes,” She expressed just after the assembly had finished.

Overall, the assembly proved to be beneficial to the student body. It is always helpful to get a reminder on safety, even if it may not seem necessary. Safety in all aspects of life is important. Both teens and adults should practice road safety.

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Frankie Brock
Frankie Brock, Editor in Chief
Frankie Brock is a 17  year old Senior at Colonia High School. She is the Senior Class Presidents and loves getting involved in all Colonia High School programs. Brock is an active member in the multicultural club and student council. She attends many sporting events and school programs to support her friends and peers. Brock is part of the Colonia High School softball family, and is extremely dedicated to the sport. She prides herself in being a consistent straight A student, and enjoys learning all she can from school. She hopes to attend the University of Delaware for nursing. Brock loves to read and watch movies and analyze their importance. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Surprisingly, she has a twin sister, they are fraternal twins and consider each other best friends. She participates in many community service activities and loves to give back. Brock is excited to be a part of  the Declaration staff for the third consecutive year. Journalism is her favorite class and she is excited to develop even more skills this year. Brock is looking forward to the Journalism 3 course, and is excited to start working as a broadcast journalist. She will be taking on the roll of a editor, and can't wait to help her fellow classmates and be more involved in the editing of the Colonia High Declaration.

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Juniors learn to put safety first