The dangers of the deep web


Photo Credit: Photo Via Public Domain Pictures under Creative Commons License

The Web is never what it seems

By: Alyssa Salvato, Fall Editor

The deep web is the part of the World Wide Web that is hard to find by the means of standard search engines, it includes password protected, dynamic pages, and encrypted networks. Of 105 people ages 13 and up surveyed 52.4% knew what this was. Though not many know the basics.

63.8% believed that the deep web is illegal, but in fact it is not. It is completely legal to go on the deep web. Though if you get into the dark web of buying drugs or hitmen that is another story. 96% of the internet is part of the deep web with over four billion pages though people hardly know that. The lack of knowledge when it comes to the deep web is an issue. People go on it all the time and they may not even know it. You must protect yourself when using the web otherwise you may be in danger. Get informed and don’t take this gently. The fact that the deep web is a real thing where legal, medical, and government reports are contained can be a frightening thought.

To get access into these documents many download The Onion Router, TOR. TOR is a chain of servers developed by the United States Naval Research Laboratory. Created in order to protect United States intelligence communications, TOR is now used to browse the internet “anonymously.” It is suspicious for someone to do this which is why it is monitored by federal agencies. Now if the deep web if that is so why doesn’t the government just get rid of it?

The deep web has private documents that just should not be shared, though Dominic Musto, Former Corrections Officer at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center said, “They only put out there what they want to put out there.” So maybe it is all a ploy just to collect data on the users in order to track criminal activity, therefore you may think you are anonymous, but in reality you never are. Musto added, “By having it, they are entrapping the criminals to use that web so they can track them down, because typical people won’t use it but many criminals probably will.” This may be so, but about a quarter of those surveyed said that they would go on the deep web just to check it out. There is something about the unknown that is inviting for some.

This is a very serious thing that people are taking lightly. Risking your own safety to go on the deep web is pointless. Kevin Davis, executive at the NEC said, “Nothing will ever be completely anonymous. You may take precautions such as private browsing on internet explorer, incognito on google chrome, or Virtual Private Network, VPN to connect to the internet for a reasonable amount go privacy, but most programs have a zero day exploit program meaning it can in fact be traced.” Is it really worth it? Similar to a digital footprint it is pointless to try these if it can still be traced. Things never go away. Be conscious of what you and others do online since it isn’t always the safest place.