Quote of the Day

By: Rebecca Melton, Spring Editor & Reporter

Christina Grimmie (1994-2016) was a singer, songwriter, actress, and YouTuber. Grimmie was well-known for her YouTube channel where she posted covers of songs as well as videos for her own songs. Through the YouTube channel she created in 2009, Grimmie received popularity and recognition for her beautiful vocals. As the years went on, Grimmie only grew more popular. During this time, Grimmie wrote and produced her own singles and posted them on YouTube. Shortly after posting her second single, With Love, Grimmie auditioned for and got on the popular television show The Voice. Grimmie made it to the top three and was offered many record labels. In 2017, Grimmie was killed by a gunman while signing autographs. Grimmie’s death distressed the music community and caused a short-lived call for stricter gun control to prevent tragedies similar to Grimmie’s death. Grimmie is immortalized through her YouTube channel, where all of her covers and songs still remain.