The good and bad about Sports Drinks and Energizers

Over 29 billion gallons of energy drink liquid are guzzled down by Americans each year.  Some 16 ounce cans may have as much as 344mg of caffeine

Photo Credit: photo via wikicommons under creative commons license

Over 29 billion gallons of energy drink liquid are guzzled down by Americans each year. Some 16 ounce cans may have as much as 344mg of caffeine

Sport drinks have been around for several years, and the controversy on whether they are truly good for you or just purely sugar has also been there for a long time.

The pros of Sports drinks

Some people might argue that sports drinks contain electrolytes and carbohydrates which are essential in a body when someone is working out or exerting some type of energy. Its a more “fun” drink to have instead of plain old water that some people might get bored of. When exercising and working out you are losing electrolytes like sodium, potassium,magnesium,phosphate, and calcium. By drinking sports drinks you are helping replace all those lost electrolytes and help keep the levels of fluid in your body at a proper balance. Sports drinks can also be referred to as ” Isotonic Drink” because they contain typically around 4 grams-8 grams of sugar and can taken up in the body as quickly as water can. Sports drinks can be good for you if they are being drank at the proper times. If you are exerting a lot of energy and working out for hours and sweating profusely, it would be okay to then grab a sports drink. If you are going for a light jog a sports drink here isn’t necessary because you aren’t loosing enough electrolytes and carbohydrates to have them replaced.

The Cons of Sports drinks

What isn’t being advertised in all the commercial is all the negative effects that sports drinks have. The amount of sugar found in these sports drinks is just unhealthy, and it can add calories to your diet. You always hear people say don’t drink soda it ruins your tooth, but sports drinks could cause even more damage than soda. After 5 days of consecutively consuming this drink the acid in the drink will start too ruin and breakdown the enamel in your teeth. Not only is their a high level of sugar but there is no protein in any of the sports drink so the drink isn’t helping you gain any muscle in this process.

Beyond Sports drinks

Companies keep on coming out with different substances and products that help us and provide us with more energy. 5 hour energy is a very popular energizer that can be bought at all almost every store and is over the counter. It filled with chemicals that are harmful to your body and highers your levels of Vitamin B-6 which can be very dangerous if it were to happen repeatedly it can eventually disturb muscle and nerve functions. 5 hour energy has killed 13 people and has has 92 adverse reactions in the past 4 years. The amount of caffeine in this product is unsafe and people have had convulsions and even heart attacks because of how this product will accelerate and heighten your heart beat or blood pressure.