Vandalism drawn on newly painted senior parking spots dampens opening day


Photo Credit: Photo Via Jennifer Blash

Pictures of the parking spots painted by students, before the vandalism.

By: Robyn Epstein and Angelina Wintonick

This year, Colonia High School kicked off the school year with a fundraiser where students were able to buy their own parking spots and paint them. However, phallic images were drawn on students parking spots the night before the first day of school.

As mentioned previously, a fundraiser ran in the middle of August by Senior Class Advisor, Mrs. Blash, was big hit. Spots were sold for $40 not including supplies and guaranteed the purchaser of the the parking spot to have exclusive usage of the spot for the school year.  Students spent four days, buying all their products and bringing them to the high school.  With much hard work and hours in the sun, spots were personalized with ornate designs. But horror soon arouse when students arrived on the first day of school.

For the first day of school, many students arrived at 6:00AM for another beneficial fundraiser, Senior Sunrise. The purpose of Senior Sunrise was to have students enjoy there last year of high school with a full caterer breakfast.  When students arrived to school, they saw that someone had defaced almost all of the purchased parking spots the night before school. What had been a fun and interactive fundraiser, turned into a horrible and unbearable visual.

Disturbing Images

When Blash drove to the senior parking lot that morning to set up for the buffet, she noticed spray paint over every spot in the lot. Spots in both the Senior Lot and the Field House Lot had male genitalia spray painted over them. “Starting this new tradition for the seniors was a great way to start the school year. It was heartbreaking to see the vandalism, but the community came together,” explained Blash.

On some students’ spots, more than one large genital in black  was spray painted over the designs that students had taken so long to do.  Students were devastated when they arrived at school. All of their hard work and money had gone to waste.

Senior Class President Michael Krepula was one of the students affected by this scandal. “I was really upset and angry when I saw my spot was vandalized,” Krepula stated. “It took a long time to plan this fundraiser with Blash and I had to make many trips to Home Depot and spend a lot of money,” he added.

Another student affected by this was Senior Volleyball Player Parni Monzo.  On Monzo’s spot multiple phallic images were present. Although not as upset as other students were, Monzo still believes that the people responsible for the vandalism should at least pay for the paint.

The police were notified by the Colonia Administration and a report was filed. The incident is still being investigated.

Now with phallic images on students parking spots, Colonia High School needed to take action. Home Depot graciously donated all the paint to Colonia High School to rectify the graffiti. Due to this students were able to fix their damaged spots the weekend after school started.