The best places to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Photo Credit: Photo via Flickr under creative commons license

According to the Washington Post, 2.The 174 million Americans who shopped between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday spent an average of $335 per person during that five-day period."

By: Jack Reilly

Black Friday is the holiday after the holiday. Millions of Americans flock to malls and stores to take advantage of huge discounts that stores offer on the day after Thanksgiving. The ones who don’t wait for Cyber-Monday, where you can enjoy the same discounts by shopping online in the comfort of your own home.

What people lack however is a game plan, which is what I am giving you today. Here are the best stores to tackle on Black Friday and Cyber-Monday.

Black Friday

On Black Friday, the best place to go is a mall. Malls are full of different stores where you can find things you wouldn’t normally look for. However, some stores have better Black Friday deals than others, so you should make sure to stop by these ones:


H&M is a great spot to hit on Black Friday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with H&M, it is a company that sells clothing and products for men, women, children and infants. You can save a ton of money at H&M on Black Friday weekend because of their great sales. These include up to 86% off of sale items, hoodies and jackets for as low as $12, and new arrivals for as low as $4. Select H&M’s also have a 30% discount on every item in the store. Take advantage of H&M’s huge discounts this Black Friday.


Nordstrom is another clothing store that has a great Black Friday reputation. When asked what stores give the best Black Friday discounts, Ms. Lettini  (a math teacher at Colonia High School as well as a master Black Friday shopper says that Nordstrom immediately comes to mind. Ms. Lettini says that Nordstrom has some of the best discounts on clothes. These discounts include $20 off their popular leggings, 30% off of sweaters and up to 50% off of your total order. On top of that, Nordstrom is also having a reward system, for example if you spend $125, you will get $25 back. Make sure to go to Nordstrom this Black Friday!


Macy’s has a wide variety of products, all of which are discounted this Black Friday. All of Macy’s top products are on sale, including Michael Khors products which are up to $100 off, as well as 50% or more off of most cooking appliances. Select coats are also 60% off and women boots are buy one get one free. Don’t miss out on Macy’s!


On Cyber-Monday, you should shift from clothes to technology and appliances. Why? Because you will never see tech deals like these again! Here are the top places to look for new tech.


Apple makes some of the best technology on earth, and its all on sale this Monday. Pick up any new Apple product and you will get money back. Buying a new iPad pro will get you a $100 apple gift card. Some new Airpods will get you $50. And the 5th gen Apple watch as well as second generation Airpods are both at their lowest price ever. Go check out Apple for great tech deals!


BestBuy has been selling tech for years now, and this Cyber-Monday is the best time to shop. You can save up to $300 dollars on a new Macbook, up to $500 on the iPhone 11 and 11 pro, and up to $300 on desktop computers. Bestbuy also has tons of deals on Amazon Alexa products, ring doorbell, and much more. Check out BestBuy this Cyber-Monday.


Gaming consoles are HUGE around the holidays, but don’t wait until Christmas to buy. GameStop is giving huge discounts this year, including $150 off Xbox consoles, PlayStation controllers for as low as $35, and even discounts on gaming subscriptions. Don’t miss these huge deals!

Black Friday and Cyber-Monday can be filled with chaos, however knowing which places to go can really help make it more enjoyable and less expensive. These stores are giving the best of the best deals this holiday season, so make sure to check them out. Good luck, and happy shopping!