All the way from the North Pole to New Jersey

Located in The North Pole, The Santa Claus House is open all year round.

Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under creative common license

Located in The North Pole, The Santa Claus House is open all year round.

By: Robyn Epstein, Co-editor in chief

When one hears the North Pole they automatically think of an imaginary place where Santa and his Elves live. However, that isn’t the case at all. The North Pole exists and Santa and his Elves are actually real. Colonia High School Freshman Harmony Corning grew up in the North Pole all her life and just recently moved to New Jersey with her family.

The North Pole is a small city located in Alaska. It is located near Fairbank and is a part of Fairbanks metropolitan statistical area. As of 2010 United States Census, a total of 2,117 people live their. The North Pole is most known for its Christmas decorations all year round.

Photo Credit: Photo via Wikipedia under creative common license
Highlighted in red, The North Pole is located near Fairbank Alaska.

Growing up in The North Pole

Corning’s mother was born and raise in The North Pole. She decided to start a family there. They lived their for many years but decided it would be best if they move to New Jersey for more career opportunities.

“I really enjoyed living in The North Pole,” Corning stated, “I liked the fact that there were Christmas decorations all year long so it made it feel like Christmas was everyday.”

In The North Pole it is constantly Christmas time. All of the city lights are decorated with candy canes. Also, their are many Christmas themed streets. One of its most popular attractions is the Santa Claus House. The Santa Claus House  is a gift shop known for the world’s largest fiber glass statue of Santa Claus.

Another thing that is amazing about The North Pole is its summer time. “Summer time is very interesting,” Corning stated, “It is relatively warm and a lot of tourists visit.”

In the summertime the weather can reach up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a decent temperature considering the coolest it can reach is up to -58 degrees. In order to visit, one can take a plane, ship or car to the Alaskan city. It might be a long trip but the end results are worth it.

Santa Claus is real

The most interesting fact about The North Pole is that Santa and his Elves actually exist. Corning went on and explained that although Saint Nick isn’t exactly real there is a man who has the job of Santa Claus.

“There is a man who has been Santa Claus for over 20 years now,” Corning stated, “Him and his Elves who are people born with Dwarfism deliver gifts to the local Orphanage. Also, Santa Claus does have reindeer who stay in a stall near the Santa Claus house.”

Corning has adjust to life in New Jersey fairly well but she still misses some parts of The North Pole.

“Although I have enjoyed living in New Jersey I still miss The North Pole,” Corning stated, “I miss the snow in The North Pole because it’s no where near the same as New Jersey. However I look forward to the rest of my days here in Colonia.”