Due to the Coronavirus, jobs are decreasing at an increasing rate

Due to the contagious disease, there are currently 244,919 confirmed cases.

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Due to the contagious disease, there are currently 244,919 confirmed cases.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus, more and more people are becoming unemployed. The unemployment rate is increasing due to businesses getting shut down by the state.

According to an article by NJ.com, Governor Murphy expects the unemployment rate to skyrocket in New Jersey after he announced on Saturday that all non-essential businesses must close as of 9 P.M. 

Currently the Federal Government is trying to pass a stimulus package to assist workers, small businesses and large businesses hit most by this pandemic.

Background Information

Coronavirus is a very contagious dangerous disease that is spreading throughout the nation. The critical part of the Coronavirus is that people could have the condition, but not realize they have it. The symptoms of the Coronavirus could appear two days after contact or 14 days after contact of the disease.

In order to control the disease, people are heavily encouraged to social distance themselves from other people. The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, is trying his best to prevent the disease from spreading anymore. Governor Murphy is doing this by closing down businesses and schools across the state of New Jersey. According to NJ.com, New Jersey, as a state, currently has 742 cases, and the United States has 13,000 cases of the Coronavirus. 

The Coronavirus is a severe disease that has no cure. Governor Murphy, closed down many businesses, limited food places hours, closed schools, and gave New Jersey a curfew. The curfew of New Jersey is five in the morning to eight at night.  

Unemployment Rate

With companies closing in New Jersey, the unemployment rate is rising. Many workers are getting laid off from there jobs, which leads people to file for unemployment. According to Politico, 15,000 people in New Jersey applied for unemployment benefits on Monday, March 16, 2020. This influx of people applying crashed the unemployment website.

However, New Jersey isn’t the only state that closed down businesses. Many businesses have closed across the country. With more and more businesses closing, the unemployment rate is rising. The Labor Department reported 281,000 new claims of unemployment between March 9 and March 15, 2020. 

What businesses are closed? 

Photo Credit: Photo via Megan Anderson under Creative Common Licenses
Due to the Coronavirus, these businesses are temporally closed.

Some of the businesses that are shutting down include barbershops, spas, night clubs, restaurants, etc. However, some local restaurants are providing take-out and curbside pickup. 

Also, places of entertainment are closed down. For example, Menlo Park Mall in Edison New Jersey is currently shut down. Big retail stores are closed too, like Dick’s Sporting Goods. According to Fox8, Dick’s Sporting Goods is planning on re-opening on April 2. 

Next, some TV shows have stopped production due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some TV shows include The Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy, The Price is Right, Riverdale, Saturday Night Live, etc. Also, some sports canceled there season early. For example, the NBA, NHL, and college basketball canceled their season early.

Lastly, there are a few professions that are still working from home. Some of the occupations that remain working at home include teachers, speech therapists, guidance counselors, school psychologists, people in business, etc. 

What does the Future Hold? 

The future is very unpredictable. Not allowing fear and panic is challenging during this time; however, it is necessary to try to stay positive in this dark time. Also, remember that other people are going through a similar situation. If feeling overwhelmed, there are crisis text lines. The one for the United States is 741741. 

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