COVID-19: The pandemic that has shook the world


Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff

Please practice the safety measures being enforced due to the virus!

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Editor

11 years after the world faces the Swine Flu ( H1N1 ),  a new pandemic COVID-19 or more commonly known as the Corona virus takes place.

Origin of the Virus

Starting in China, then spreading across the world countries have taken precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus. In Italy on March 8, PCM decided to restrict the areas that were highly effected by the virus in the country. Eventually, as the virus continued spreading, the restriction would expanded all over Italy until April 3. According to Business Insider India,China,France,Italy,New Zealand,Poland and the UK have implemented the worlds largest and most restrictive mass quarantines. In hopes that the pandemic would slow down, lockdowns were enforced and stores were closed to limit the interaction between people.

Effects of the Pandemic

Citizens started going wild and panicking unsure of what would happen. Stores have run out of hand sanitizer,toilet paper, bleach and even Clorox wipes. Panic has spread all over and now it is not uncommon to leave your house and find someone wearing gloves and face masks. Stores across the country have closed because they don´t have anything essential to help or are necessary during this crisis. Even fast food places that have stayed open can only remain open if they have a drive thru. Essential workers are worried about their everyday exposure to the virus and scared of continuing to work unaware that they might have contracted the virus.

By placing travel ban restrictions on 26 European counties President Trump limited the amount of people entering the country. To contain the virus, soon the ban was also extended to UK and Ireland. Trump declared a national emergency as more and more cases spread through the states. Each state went about shutting down all school accordingly to the number of cases in their state and the rate of the spreading.

While talking in an interview with ABC news, Governor Murphy of New Jersey talked about ¨Folks need to be jolted¨ and how social distancing needs to be cracked down on. Murphy believes we need to be smart when it comes to handling this disease. The only way to do that is to social distance at all times, even at home. As of March 30, New Jersey has at least 16,300 cases. Due to the growth rate of the case, social gatherings or large gatherings are not recommended, and also illegal.

Closing of Schools

All schools in New Jersey have also been closed for at least two weeks, causing activities to be cancelled. Spring athletes seasons were cancelled and club seasons were cut short. Also, college visits have been cancelled and even school dances like prom have been cancelled. This pandemic has prevented students from completing their full high school experience. Petitions have been going around to support spring athletes and get their season moved during the summer. Plans to postpone and reschedule school activities are being encouraged by the students who want a normal school year back.

COVID-19 has taken many things and people away from the everyone. By social distancing and washing your hands would help the spread of this virus.

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