The corona virus has shaken the NBA world


Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia commons under the creative commons license

The corona virus has infected 10 NBA players including Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell. This virus has caused the season to be suspended and the NBA world to be rocked.

By: Matthew Mendives, editor

On March 11 Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for corona virus. This led to the suspension of the season.

Since Gobert’s positive test nine other players have tested positive. These include superstar Nets player Kevin Durant and Gobert’s teammate Donovan Mitchell. As of March 31 six of the ten players have fully healed from corona virus. The death rate of corona in people 20-39 is 0.2 percent, so it isn’t scary for an NBA player but it is scary for their parents and grandparents. Karl Anthony Towns’s mother was placed in a medically induced coma on a ventilator when her condition was getting worse and worse. She and her husband both tested positive for corona. NBA players, just like the rest of society are practicing social distancing for the safety of everyone else.

One major problem the Corona suspension creates is that players performances this year may not be viewed the same. Giannis was on his way to having one of the best seasons of all time. He was averaging 30-14-6 on 55 percent shooting while playing defensive player of the year quality defense. He was leading the Bucks to the best record for the 2 year in a row. There were talks of his MVP being unanimous.  The shortening of the season may take value away from his MVP. Some might argue he might not have finished with the best record or as good of stats if he played a full season.

The main problem with this corona suspension is the scheduling. Some owners want to finish the regular season. However, it’s not very realistic considering how little time they may have once the season continues. The best case scenario date for the NBA’s return is May 1. This is usually the middle of the 2 round in most seasons. The NBA has a very important decision to make. Option one is they can start the playoffs late and shorten the off season. Option two is cancel the season and just get everyone ready for the 2021 season.

The problem with starting at the playoffs is that they would have to shorten the off season. For a team that plays in the finals this year, it would mean they would be playing into late June early July. This means you lose a month of rest in an already shorter off season. Players would be willing to sacrifice rest time for a chance at a championship. However, owners may just want to play the long game and not risk injuries to their players. Less rest time could lead to more injuries.

Another problem with cancelling the season is that the players put in all that hard work for nothing. Before I said owners may not want to risk injuries to their players. This is true, but some owners may also not want to lose playoff revenue. Even if fans aren’t allowed in the arena playoff merch and ad revenue from TV is still big for them. If the NBA can’t return until July, this scenario may make sense. At that point I believe that you can’t continue the season because their isn’t enough time. Teams who make the finals would get at best a month of rest.

I personally believe with what we know now they should start back up with the playoffs. Of course as a fan I want to watch some great playoffs action. Besides that players deserve a chance to compete for the title. I wish all these players the best of health and I hope to see them play again soon.


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