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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Positive things people have done during this pandemic

Photo Credit: Photo via Alexa Leviten
Colonia Corner newspaper shows pictures of people around Woodbridge Township who have done sidewalk chalk to inspire others.

Despite all of the hardship, people have found ways to try and brighten the lives of others. To hear some more positive news, these are ways people have been helping to spread positivity.

Family Bonding

After being trapped in the house for so long, many families have used this as an opportunity to reconnect. Sometimes life gets so busy that families barely communicate with each other. But, with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, people now have the time for this. Your family could try cooking or baking more often now that we have the time, or even just eating some meals together around a table rather than in front of a tv. Some other ways families have made things more interesting and funnier are by having themed dinners. Found mostly on a social media platform called Tik Tok, families have spiced things up by dressing up differently each night or cooking dinners to fit a theme. For example, cooking an authentic Hawaiian dish while dressing up like your going on vacation.

Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
Doing their part, children of all ages have been writing thank you messages and drawing pictures for essential workers. Some kids have made signs to hang in the windows to uplift the spirits of those that pass by.

Sidewalk Chalk

A way that people are getting both sunlight and are inspiring others is by creating works of art on the sidewalks. Sidewalk chalk is something easy and simple that most kids did at a younger age. But, your age doesn’t limit you to making your own chalk drawing. Some people’s drawings have gone viral and have started trends that have inspired others to do it as well, It is something so simple and fun that can possibly brighten someone’s day if they pass it. The good thing about chalk is that it isn’t permanent either. So you can always make new drawings or let it fade away with some water.

Giving thanks to health care workers

From different places around the world, people as a community and as individuals have given thanks to healthcare workers and others. In New York City, London, and now Boston, at 7 p.m on Friday, residents open up their windows or step onto their balconies to cheer and clap for all the people who have been risking their own health so that everyone else can stay home and stay safe. This includes doctors, nurses, first responders, and pharmacists. Even grocery workers, delivery drivers, postal employees, and people who have kept their restaurant’s open. There is also a popular hashtag now on social media with a name of #ClapBecauseWeCare. This is meaningful and special to do because it isn’t just to give thanks, but brings a community together during a time of need.

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A mother from Ocean County, NJ also wanted to start something similar to what other places have been doing. She posted online to ask residents to bang pans, ring bells, chimes, blow whistles, etc… at 7 p.m every Wednesday. This is to symbolize that although the community may be physically separated, they are all united to overcoming situations together.

Photo Credit: The Declaration staff
To stay safe, people have resorted to making masks out of household objects. Some crafters and seamstresses have begun making custom masks for essential workers and the general public.

Making masks for hospitals

The last popular thing I’ve seen people doing to help out is by making homemade masks. People have been making them for themselves or to give to hospitals. Both are great ways to help out. Any worker who needs to be near sick and infected patients’ with COVID-19 deserve to be protected. By making your own masks to use, it broadens the supply needed for workers. If people continue to buy masks for themselves without giving anything back, they will become even more rare and scarce than they already became.

English and Journalism teacher, Danielle Allen has been supplying people in need of masks with her home sewn masks. Normally Allen is making costumes for Colonia High’s musical around this time of year. Since the play was cancelled due to the virus, Allen decided to put her sewing machine to work to keep others safe. “When you feel helpless it is the best time to help others,” Allen stated. Allen is also working on scrub caps for her cousin, a lung specialist, at John Hopkins University Hospital.

How you can help

Find your way to give back. It can be simple. Check on an elderly neighbor. Put a thank you note in your window or post it on social media. Arrange for neighbors to bang pots at specific time for medical workers. Random acts of kindness can go a long way during this hard time and we all have the power to do them.

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Positive things people have done during this pandemic