What’s taking place before Inauguration Day


Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Haynes under Creative Common License

Because Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election, it has caused a mix of emotions.

By: Alexa Leviten, Managing Editor & Public Relations

This year’s 2020 election results in Joe Biden becoming the 46th president of the United States. Though, Biden and Kamala Harris’s (VP) inauguration day won’t be until Jan 20, 2021. 

Understanding the recounts

Recounts are currently happening and are predicted to be finished by December 8. They occur after an election in two ways. Either when the winner won by only a small amount, or because someone (usually the losing candidate/their party) asks. Each state has different rules about whether they allow recounts or not. They also have different rules about their margin percentages.

In New Jersey, there is no margin required, a recount just needs to be requested 17 days within the election. The requester of the recount must pay for it unless the recount changes the election outcome. The requirement for a refund is if it changed by 10 votes or 10 percent.

Recounts are happening in these states

According to Reuters news, ever since Biden won the election, Trump has been claiming there is “widespread voter fraud.” The Republican president had refused to concede and demands recount from multiple states.

On Friday, Nov 20, the announcement came that Biden wins Georgia by 12,284 votes. This discredits President Trump’s claims about fraud in this state. With only 1,400 new votes for Trump out of the 5,800 ballots that were discovered, it hardly made a dent for him.

So far, Biden leads Michigan with over 154,000 votes, Pennsylvania by more than 81,000 votes, and Nevada is leading by 33,000. Lastly, Arizona and Wisconsin have also certified Biden as the winner.

Roselyn Adkisson, a Philadelphia resident said, “At first I was in total disbelief, but then as more sources called the election for Joe, it felt like a weight was off my chest for the first time in 4 years. The city didn’t feel different, but at City Hall and Independence Hall the crowds (all in masks of course) were going wild, dancing in the street, and chanting cheers. The city felt as if we were responsible for this win as if it was the eagles winning the super bowl all over again.”

What comes next

Before Inauguration Day, a couple more things will have to take place. On December 14, electors will vote at their correct state via paper ballot. By the 23 of December, the President of the Senate must have all of the elector’s ballots. By Jan. 6th, the New Congress (that will be elected on Jan 3) will count the votes. The current President of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence would announce the winner of the presidential candidate with over 270 electoral votes.

Adkisson said, “I am simply happy that it is not Trump in office. Joe was not my first choice, or even in my top 3 for the democratic candidate. But I have all the confidence that he, along with Kamala and his cabinet, will begin healing the division Trump encouraged in our country. Joe is a candidate with a history of supporting both conservative and liberal policies. So to me, he is merely a foundation for our country to shift our policies away from corporate interests and towards the interests of the people.” 

In the case that neither presidential candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, the House would decide. This is stated in the 12th Amendment to the Constitution. It is already predicted by the Associated Press (AP) that Biden has 306 electoral votes in this election.

The Associated Press has been calling elections since 1848. To learn how and why the Associated Press counts and predicts winners of elections visit their website.