Enjoy the sun and more at the Jersey shore


Photo Credit: photo by Wikimedia Commons under Creative Common License

Living in New Jersey is the perfect because of it’s beaches and boardwalks.

By: Olivia Bryant, Reporter

The nicer weather is approaching and everyone wants to be outside. Summer is coming which means  the beach is going to get crowded.

Bathe in the sun

Summer is around the corner which means people will want to be in the sun more. People will be wanting to go on the beach, in the ocean or just take a walk on the boardwalk. Living in New Jersey is great because you get a glimpse of all four seasons. In the summer you get to choose from many beaches along the Jersey Shore. But no matter what beach you go to, all of them end up being crowded. At most, you will have to get a wristband or badge before getting in. Occasionally, it might be so crowded that they could run out of wrist bands. If you do get to the beach early this can sometimes happen and it’s very annoying. When I go to the beach I go very early and we get breakfast sandwiches, which I feel like is an annual thing for everyone. Staying on the beach till the sun goes down and you have to put a hoodie on because it gets colder. Then you get dinner and fall asleep on the car ride home.

Walk on the boardwalk

If you dont feel like getting your feet all sandy then you can just take a walk on the boardwalk. People love to go when the weather gets super nice and to get some food or dessert, like ice cream. During the summer it gets pretty crazy, especially since there are rides all the kids love to go on. This year may be a little harder since Covid-19 though. Despite some things needing to be closed, the boardwalk will always be a hot spot in the summer for Jersey people no matter what.

Sit and eat

There are many restaurants down the shore to choose from. It ranges from seafood and Italian food to classic American-style food like burgers. There are plenty to choice from and there all very good. Most places overcharge for basic items that you could buy locally, but that’s the shore for you. The pizza may be big slices, but they bump up a slice a couple of dollars simply because they can and we still buy it. A seafood restaurant in Point Pleasent that has good ratings is called Spikes. Their lobster bisque and key lime pie are said to be amazing and unforgettable. Besides actual food places, there are also plenty of places for people with a sweet tooth. Ranging from water taffy to Polish Water Ice, or even a Playa Bowl, each beach has a place everyone will enjoy. Even though a lot of the food is unhealthy, they are all summertime staples down the shore.