Washington Football Team, Draft Winners or Draft Losers?

The Washington football team participated in the draft. I will look at how they did.

Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia commons under the creative commons license

The Washington football team participated in the draft. I will look at how they did.

By: Colin Thompson, reporter

The Washington Football Team hopes to become a bigger threat next season. The beginning of that aspiration start in the draft, so let’s see how they did.

To rank the selections I have made a scale on which I will grade the picks. They are good, okay, and head-scratching. Good for picks that I think got great value, okay for picks I thought they could’ve done a better job on, and head-scratching for picks where I was questioning the organization. For the good picks, I have OT Sam Cosmi, CB Benjamin St-Juste, WR Dyami Brown, and S Darrick Forrest.

All of these players fill a need somewhere. Sam Cosmi is a good pick because the Football Team could have done a better job protecting the QB last year. CB Benjamin St-Juste is a good prospect with a nice drive and good measurables and will help nicely in improving our secondary. WR Dyami Brown is a good vertical threat that can be a good downfield and also open up routes for out other receivers. Finally, S Darrick Forrest will also help out in fixing the secondary and also could help in run-stopping.

For the okay picks, I had LB Jamin Davis, DE Will-Bradley King, and TE John Bates. I expected more out of our 1st round pick. However, Jamin Davis could fit well as he also fills a big need on the team. I just think that there were better options on the board and just as good options later in the draft. DE Will-Bradley King should be fine backing up the stellar Washington D-Line and has okay value. Finally, TE John Bates should give us more depth in our lackluster Tight End core. He is a questionable pick though because his numbers were below average at Boise State. However, he has good measurables so he should be fine for now.

For the head-scratchers, I have LS Cameron Cheeseman, EDGE Shaka Toney, and WR Dax Milne. Cheeseman is here for the sole reason that he is a Long-snapper. You don’t draft a long-snapper no matter what because you can usually find a good one in free agency. EDGE Shaka Toney looks fine, but we already addressed the D-Line backup earlier so I think we could have done better here as well. WR Dax Milne is in this category due to the fact that we already drafted a Wide Receiver earlier in the draft with the same skillset as Milne, so this was a kinda questionable pick.

Overall, the Washington Football Team came away with a pretty good haul this year. It is too early to judge any of these players now, so this is just an analysis of how well the Football Team maximized the value of their draft picks. As for a grade, I feel like this deserves something from a B to an A-. It all depending on how the prospects pan out in the future. See full draft results here.