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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Share Experience: the lure of catching the fish


Do you like to fish or want to try fishing? Well here is my experience and some advice on it.

Rise and shine

Fishing usually occurs in the early morning. When I went for the first time we woke up at 5 a.m and I was so tired. We were going on a huge boat and it was a four-hour trip. They had fishing poles all along the sides of the boat for everyone to use. As well as bait buckets to put on the hooks for everyone to share, we were using clams. To get to the boat it took about an hour which wasn’t too bad and we stopped to get some coffee on the way. I went with my mother, brother, and grandmother. My grandmother is handicap so we were happy she could get on with her wheelchair. Once we got on we went out pretty far out in the ocean before we started fishing.

Hold on tight

If you get seasick easy I would definitely not recommend going fishing on a boat. There are plenty of other places to go fishing without going on a boat. But if you love the ocean then you would love this. Because it is in the ocean, there isn’t much service. At least this way you can enjoy the experience more and not be on the phone the whole time. From my experience, the ocean had a lot of waves, making the boat rock back and forth a lot. I had to hang on to the railing because it felt like I would fall off if I didn’t. When we first got on the boat it was pretty cold but once time went by it got hotter. I would recommend bringing a hoodie at first but having a t-shirt under it. Since we knew we were going to be out for a few hours, we packed some food. We brought sandwiches, chips, and lots of water so we didn’t get dehydrated.

Keep it or throw it back

On the boat I went on, they had a contest for who caught the biggest fish. I was winning at first because I was the first to catch a fish. But as others caught more there were bigger fish in the sea. Once someone caught a fish the people that worked on the boat had to check the fish. If the fish was too small you had to throw it back. There was also only certain fish you can eat. We ended up only getting to bring home one fish but we caught lots more. On the way back to the dock the workers would take your fish and cut it for you. It was cool to see how many people caught fish and the excitement in everyone. I would recommend doing this as a fun summer activity with family or friends.

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Share Experience: the lure of catching the fish