Shared Experience: working at your first job


Photo Credit: Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Working at ShopRite has taught me many things about work, and my character.

By: Amir Saadeh, reporter

When I began working at ShopRite around a year ago in July 2020, it was overwhelming due to having my first job, especially in a time during the pandemic. Today, almost a year later, I have enough confidence to walk into that store and know what I’m doing with every aspect of all the tasks.


When I had first gotten the opportunity to be interviewed for the position of a cashier, I wanted to make a good impression. It’s always good to wear nice clothes with a respectable look at an interview, as first impressions are always the best. A buttoned shirt, with pants and some casual sneakers was what I went with. Seems like it worked, since I was offered the position and given details on when to start.


My training at ShopRite lasted for a total of five days. Within this time, I was given my hours and schedule, and  taught many things about how to perform at work. Whether it was how customers should be treated, how to react to certain situations, there was much involved with the speaking and communication. The actual training at the register was taught to me by a fellow cashier. I learned about how to work the system, and how to scan items, the usual for a cashier. I had always thought about the ease of being a cashier, but there is a lot that goes with it.


To be a cashier, you must memorize a lot of valuable information. For fruit and vegetables, there are many codes that must be known  for you to insert them as a payment. Bananas are 4011, Watermelon is 4032, and so on. This was all a blur to me when I began working. I thought I would never be able to ace the tasks or know what I needed to be able to do.  But as time went on, I found it a lot easier for myself to adjust.

My main focal point of work is the register as a cashier, but I do other assignments given to me . There are times where I am put on returns, where I collect all the missing or returned items from customers and bring them back to their beginning area, where their item is located. I also stock at times, which is in the name of it. I move the shelves around, and organize new items brought in, while also stacking them on the shelves.

Today, I like to consider myself an expert at my job. Someone who knows what they are doing at all times. I am extremely proud of myself for being able to comprehend and adapt to the environment of having a job. Me a year ago would be extremely shocked and surprised that I was able to hack it. There are many things that people feel they can’t do. From my experience though, if you put your mind to it, anything seems possible.