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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Boys’ Varsity Volleyball: CHS defeats JFK

Photo Credit: The Declaration staff
After having their 2020 season cancelled due to Covid, the CHS boys’ volleyball team was more than ready to serve up a W this season.

On May 19, 2021, the Colonia High School (Patriots) boys varsity Volleyball versed John F. Kennedy Memorial High School (Mustangs). Both teams played an aggressive and energetic game.

First Set 

The starting lineup for CHS was Jerry Charles, Brian Alexis, Sheh Shah, Ryan Vessel Yetis, Andrew Lukaszewski, Matt Sherb, and Peter Sivanovich, on the home side. At the start of the game JFK served the ball and got the 1st point of the game. Immediately after CHS and JFK tied 2-2. (#1) Andrew had a very good hit. He spiked twice with JFK blocking both spikes… he did not give up. Andrew’s third spike went over gaining CHS 1 point (3-3). with 5 mins into the game Sheh Shah got 1,000th assist and CHS celebrated with balloons. They had a 1 and k in balloons and a volleyball which had 1,000 assists written on it. Back into the game a sub for CHS (#11) Steve Miller went into the game.

With both teams did a great job of passing the volleyball and putting the ball over the net, CHS was in the lead 6-5. 13 mins into the game CHS and JFK kept up with each other, with the score being 14-13. Howell (#7) did a great job of blocking JFK’s hit, gaining them 1 point (19-17). 19 minutes into the game timeout was called by Kennedy with CHS in the lead by 3 points (20-17). Right after Colonia got the ball because it was under the net for Kennedy. During this time the score was 23-18, Colonia needed 2 more points to win the first set. 21 minutes into the game Shah( #3) served the ball and JFK missed the pass, having CHS win the first set 25-18. 

Second Set 

 Starting off the second set (#0) Charles tipped the ball having it go over, making them score the 1st point for CHS varsity volleyball team.  JFK took a strong lead scoring (1-5). Matthew Salcedo served and JFK missed the serve, making CHS get a point (2-5), with JFK still in the lead with 3 points. (#11) Miller had a very good block: JFK went for a spike and Steve Miller blocked it, making CHS gain a point (4-6). A half an hour into the game both teams did an excellent job passing and blocking the ball. JFK and CHS kept scoring back to back (5-7). Number 11 Steve Miller spiked very powerfully, getting CHS 1 point (6-7).

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Although JFK started off very strong in set 1 and in set 2, Colonia made another strong comeback leading with 3 points (13-10), 35 minutes into the game Kennedy called another timeout. After the timeout, Jerry Charles spiked the ball with a lot of power gaining CHS 1 point. 38 minutes into the game and CHS was in the lead with 6 points (18-12). JFK had very solid hits with CHS missing the pass making JFK gain a point (20-15). Later on, the game got more intense with CHS 4 points from winning the match (21-18). Both teams played vigorously… the whole game was very intense. Both sides had extremely great sportsmanship. Sheh Shah saved the ball and got it over the net and got CHS 1 point (23-18). During the last minutes of the game JFK hit the ball out and CHS varsity volleyball team won with the final score of 25-18.   

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Boys’ Varsity Volleyball: CHS defeats JFK