Behind the scenes of Back to the Future


Photo Credit: Photo via Voices & Film Television under Creative Commons License

Back to the Future released on July 3, 1985. Years after its release, it is considered one of the best films of all time.

By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Managing Editor of Entertainment and Media

The movie was originally titled, “Space Man From Pluto”

Universal Studios president, Sid Sheinberg did not think a time-travel movie would be successful at the time. He sent a memo out to Robert Zemeckis that the movie should be titled, Space Man From Pluto. Luckily, his idea never happened. Back to the Future went on to become one of the most iconic films of all time.

Eric Stoltz originally portrayed Marty McFly

Michael J. Fox originally couldn’t play Marty due to scheduling conflicts. Universal went with Eric Stoltz as their second-best option. Stoltz ended up being a nuisance on set because of his commitment to method acting and not getting along with actor Thomas F. Wilson. After a few weeks, they fired him. Luckily, Fox was available to film because one of his co-stars had to take maternity leave on the other project.