“Love, Rosie” shares a story of right person, wrong time


Photo Credit: Jonathan Hession

10 years later, the book “Where Rainbows End” adapted into the movie we know as “Love, Rosie”.

By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor

Love, Rosie showcases a childhood best friend kind of love that lasts a lifetime. The couple surrounding the movie is the definition of right person, wrong time. 


The 2014 film is set in England. Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart have been friends since diapers. However their friendship gets tested as they move forward in their lives. Rosie wants to work in the hospitality field, specifically she wants to open up her own hotel. However her dreams come to a halt when she becomes pregnant at 18 years old after the Senior formal dance. Before her childhood best friend, Alex, leaves for Harvard, she doesn’t get the chance to tell him the news. Even though she tells him that she’ll meet him in Massachusetts, she backs out of her plan and decides to stay home to care for her new born. 

Rosie and Alex’s love life becomes more complicated as they grow older. Their stages in life could never align with each other. On the other side of the world, Alex meets up with a former classmate who works as a model in America. They both seem to move on especially after Rosie gets back together with her child’s father. After many more valuable experiences of their lives, they finally meet again. Rosie has the chance to attend Alex’s wedding as the Best Man. Her originally plan was to stop the wedding. When she arrived, the ceremony was over and all that was left was her heartfelt Best Man speech. 


Although it can be frustrating that somehow the main leads keep missing each other, the wait to the satisfying ending is worth it. Lily Collins and Sam Clafin’s chemistry in Love, Rosie is unbeatable. They perfectly display a love that lasts a lifetime. You always find yourself rooting for the main leads. 

The movie also plays with the idea of “what could have been?” There could have been multiple outcomes of the story if both characters could have just been true to their feelings. It also makes you think: Would you rather have the two confess earlier? Or have a complicated progress to the ending?

The movie shows a love story throughout a lifetime. It shows the realities and complications of teen pregnancy. It even explores the themes of deaths of loved ones and puzzling relationships. The film’s main theme is to go for it. If you don’t express your emotions, you may go a lifetime without true love. This theme also applies with working for your dream job and living out the life you want. 


Out of 5, I would rate Love, Rosie a solid 5. This movie is timeless and can be endlessly rewatchable. Every time I catch myself needing to see a true love story unfold, I watch Love, Rosie. The soundtrack perfectly aligns with each scene. My favorite being by Lily Allen, a 2010s classic. Although the comedy featured is universal, there is some sexual content and alcohol use. 

Where to Watch

Love, Rosie is available to watch on Hulu premium, STARZ, The Roku Channel, Prime Video, and Apple TV.