Colonia boys’ volleyball vs their tough competitor East Brunswick High


Photo Credit: Photo via Jennifer Blash

Players of the Varsity game against East Brunswick were “Swirly” and “Sauce”

By: Chris Gonzalez, Reporter

On May 2, the Colonia Boys Varsity volleyball team will play at home against East Brunswick High School.

EB High has a 4-11 record this year, winning against Colonia on April 13. They have also won against Colonia since 2018, winning 4 games with a score of 2-1 and one gameĀ  2-0. But, Colonia has a current record of 7 wins and 9 losses this season. It will be a competitive game against each other, with Colonia wanting finally beat East Brunswick.

Team Leaders

East Brunswick’s team leaders are Sean Spring (#8) with 114 kills, William Cassotis (#13) with 11 blocks, and Kevin Lu (#1) with 157 assists. Colonia’s team leaders are Michael McSorely (157 kills), Joshua Oluremi (27 blocks), and Ohm Shah (313 assists).

Rundown of the game

The whole game lasted under 30 minutes with Colonia winning both sets. The first set was won 27-25 and in the second set, while EB still putting up a good fight, they lost 25-23. East Brunswick starts bickering, and their communication starts sounding rocky in the second set.

In the second set, Michael Howell spikes making it 7-4 (Colonia), and ends the game with four kills and one dig. Joshua Oluremi ends the game with four kills and two blocks, making the crowd applaud. Michael McSorely ended with twelve kills, three digs, three digs, and one assist. Ohm Shah comes out with twenty-one assists, two kills, and two digs.

For East Brunswick, Sean Spring ends with seven kills, two blocks, and four digs. William Cassotis with five kills and Ethan Miller with four kills. Lastly, Kevin Yu with three kills, one dig, and nineteen assists.

A couple of mess-ups from Colonia make East Brunswick tied 15-15. The teams were scoring back-to-back points from 15 to 22 before Coach Blash calls a time-out. At the end of this intense game, Colonia wins the set 25-23, winning the game. They all celebrated proudly, knowing that they finally won against one of their toughest opponents.

Breaking down terms

A kill in volleyball refers to when a player successfully makes an attack (spike) that is unreturnable by the opposing team, leading to a direct point.

A dig is only awarded when a player on defense successfully passes or gets the ball up when an attack was attempted by the opponent on offense.

An assist is given anytime a set, pass, or dig to a player leads to a teammate spiking (attacking) the ball for a kill. Usually is given to the players on the court that are the setters.

Lastly, a block is a form of defense to deflect the ball from getting to their side so that it goes back to the opposing team’s side of the court.