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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Are sports drinks necessary for athletes?

Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia under Creative Commons license
It’s well-known that sports drinks, such as Gatorade, are popular among athletes. However, many suggest that drinking water might be better for atheletes than drinking electrolytes are.

Imagine after running a lap or finishing a game, you feel dehydrated and parched. What is your go-to drink? The obvious answer would be water. However, your teammates grab themselves a bottle or a jug of Gatorade. Then, you joined along in getting a drink. After that, you ask yourself, “Are sports drinks necessary for athletes?”

Debates on this topic

On one hand, some people prefer water because it’s essential to our body. On the other hand, most people think that the electrolytes found in sports drinks are as important as hydrogen and oxygen. These arguments are both understandable. However, the solution to this argument seems both clear and unclear.

It depends on what will keep you hydrated

Upon research, water and electrolytes are both important for our bodies. Water and electrolytes are sure to keep you on your feet during games or exercises. The only thing to keep note is that they will keep you hydrated differently. All you need to do is figure out if what you’re drinking will keep you fully hydrated.

H2 over electrolytes

It’s okay to have sports drinks in occasions. However, there are some health risks to consider if you drink it daily. Even if you’d prefer having a sports drink over water, don’t separate it from other sugary drinks just because it seems good for you. There should be a balance to when you need electrolytes in your body. In the words of Dr. Nish from LiveWell, “Water, water and water should be the beverage of choice for hydration before, during and after physical activity or exercise routines lasting less than one hour.”

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Energized on electrolytes

Even though refills of water will keep you hydrated, a drink filled with electrolytes will leave you hydrated and energized. According to Greenletes, electrolytes will help you during your game. It’s good to have electrolytes in your body. You just need the right amount to keep you energized.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sports drinks aren’t always necessary for athletes. Water is more important for you than electrolytes. A simple drink of water is enough for you to be ready for a game. Sometimes, you can have sports drinks if you can maintain balance.

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JP Galope
JP Galope, Reporter
JP Galope is a 16-year-old junior at Colonia High School in his first year of journalism. In his previous years, he graduated from Kennedy Park School #24 and Colonia Middle School. Galope is a avid moviegoer by day and an aspiring filmmaker by night. He is currently writing three screenplays and as of recent, he's working on his passionate project yet. He is involved in Fandom Club, Film Club, and Interact Club. His writing is heavily inspired by his friends, family, and surroundings, which sparks his creativity. When he's not working all the time, he likes to play video games and watch movies. His favorite class is Theater Arts because it's interactive, fun, and leaves him with a smile everyday. Though his plans are already set and he succeeds very well in his classes, his future still remains unwritten for him. Galope is an author of Colonia High School's Declaration Newspaper.

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Are sports drinks necessary for athletes?