Colonia’s boys tennis loses to J.P. Stevens

Photo Credit: Rachelle Saerang
Across the tennis courts, players Joshua Vivas, Ivan Chu, Daniel Sherman, Mateus Pessanha, Dev Pujara, and Brendan Parmar groups together to discuss and show support for each other.

By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor

On April 29, the Colonia High School Boys tennis team played against J.P. Stevens. Although the team took a loss, it proves tennis is making changes for the school’s sports reputation. 

The Matches

The game featured three singles matches and two doubles matches. Although Colonia put up a great fight in the doubles matches, neither were won. Dev Pujara and Anthony Gabryszewski lost 0-6 to J.P. Stevens’ Andrew Tan and Brandon Chang. Joshua Vivas and Mateus Pessanha scored 0-6 against Aadityaa Singla and Shravan Venkat. Colonia’s Ivan Chu lost to Spandan Chandra after a scoring 1-6 in each set. Colonia lost in Brenden Parmar verses J.P. Stevens’ Agstya Dewan with a score of 1-6 in both sets. Lastly a singles match was won by Junior player Daniel Sherman against J.P. Stevens’ Saket Sayini. Sherman scored 6 to 4 in both sets in the singles match. The final score came to be 1-4.  

However a loss like this one doesn’t stop Colonia’s boys tennis team. It only pushes the team to improve and even show how far the team has come.

Overcoming COVID

Previously the team had been showing great improvement for Colonia. Now graduated crucial players like Todd Sherman, Tyler Struben, and Arya Shah have all helped Colonia reach the height of their best playing. During that time, the COVID pandemic took what could have their best year. 

Although some older pillar players are out, new players have brought a lot to the team. Right now players are having their first years as sophomores or juniors. Ever since there is significant spots left on the team. Nevertheless the team is pushing through. Currently the tennis team is going through a transitional period. Long time players have taken on leadership roles and are guiding newcomers. Dev Pujara is the team’s honorary captain. Pujara leads the team with the his four year experience by teamwork and a mentor-like influence.Newcomers are quickly learning the ways of the team given less time on the team. These days Coach Finnegan says that players like Sherman and Chu are verging great players. This shows through their hard work and commitment that features on the court.

Without a doubt Coach Finnegan says each player gives something different to the team. Above all every player takes on a significant role on the team.

J.P. Stevens Boys Tennis

Before J.P. Stevens boys tennis has held the title of the greatest in the county for many many years. In 2021, J.P. Stevens boys tennis headlined as “Second doubles leads No. 9 J.P. Stevens to GMCT title” by In team scores, J.P. Stevens placed No. 1 and Colonia four places away at No. 5. Still J.P. Stevens continues to dominate boys tennis. Even so, the team prevails. 

Colonia boys tennis is slowly, but surely rising its name. After coaching the team for 7 years, Coach Finnegan has seen the climb of boys tennis team. He says that he is “proud that J.P. Stevens is coming to Colonia now”. In the past Colonia wouldn’t usually be compared J.P. Stevens especially in tennis. Presently the team is proving their worthy spot in the county. Nowadays the team is still bettering themselves and overcoming challenges.