How to write your story


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia under Creative Commons license

When writing “East of Eden”, John Steinbeck used up 60 pencils a day to write his story. Writing a story can be made in various forms such as movies, books, poems, or songs.

We all have a story to tell. Whether it’s realistic or fictional, we have the urge to write these tales of our own. However, the process of writing your story is not always easy. Like every story, there are some steps to cross when it comes to the protagonist’s journey. Those rules also apply to the writers. Here are some tips on how to write your story.

Brainstorm or inspiration?

All of us are creatively unique when it comes to our ideas. Some of us might not have original ideas. So, maybe there’s a story from your life that you like to tell. Maybe there’s someone or something that inspires you to write. Either way, everything that surrounds you can fuel your imagination. Ashley Eisdorfer, an aspiring actress who starred on Troop Zero and one of the presidents of Film Club, stated, “What inspires me are storytellers, life experiences, current surroundings, movies, and shows.”

Don’t stop writing

When you become a writer, there’s always a phase that blocks your path. If you’re really into making your story or just plain lucky, you might not face this challenge. Writers usually procrastinate on our stories due to writer’s block, loss of inspiration, or poor time management. If you need to take a break, take it. But, don’t overstay it.

Iron out your details

Now that you completed your story, it’s time to examine your structure. You can think of this method as ironing your outfit.  You can see the crumples on the clothing. So, you need to take your time to iron out your details. Check which character, plot, or dialogue needs improving. Maybe you took another look at your script and thought to yourself, “It could be better.” There are some scenes that could be too descriptive. Your themes might be too preachy. Just remember that not every story is perfect. Check your story a few times before you think it’s perfect.

Own your story

In this world, it can be hard to write. Not every storyteller is original or creative. At most times, some writers would try to steal your voice and make it theirs. It’s very important that you copyright your story. Don’t share your ideas to other people. Be sure that what you’re telling is true to you.

Get your voice heard

After completing your story, you have to promote it. You need an audience to have your story heard. There’s a lot of platforms to get your story out to the public like social media. Getting your story out in the public would captivate everyone’s attention.

In conclusion, learning how to write your story can be a transcending experience. Writing a story all the way to the end of the last page can be a difficult challenge. However, if you have grit and perseverance, your words would flow as smooth as the river.

As an aspiring filmmaker, I’ve learned and grown from most of these experiences. In the past, I’ve struggled with procrastination and doubt. But, I’ve got a lot of encouragement from my family, friends, and idols to finish my story. Recently, I only wrote a few pages and my journey still continues. To quote Ashley Eisdorfer, “Keep writing, keep being inspired, and be proud of what you wrote.”