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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Brief guide to dealing with a struggling sports team

Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia under creative commons license
Sports fans endure a lot in an effort to support their team. Some stand in the rain for hours whereas some spend hours in traffic just to get to the game.

As a sports fan, each season begins with a feeling of hope. Even though we know our teams can’t always win, watching them lose is tough to handle especially when they lose constantly.

You know the feeling, know matter how good or bad your team was the year before, you go into the season with championship hopes, as a Green Bay Packers fan, I’ve been spoiled by a very successful team for years, however this year that is not the case.

I started following the NFL and the Packers in 2014 and they’ve only missed the playoffs twice since then and have made 4 NFC Championships. Naturally, this causes me to have high expectations every year, however the loss of Davante Adams forced me to lower my expectations quite a bit. The Packers managed to get off to a pretty good 3-1 start, they then went into a downward spiral, losing 5 in a row including an embarrassing loss to the Detroit Lions. My hopes and dreams have quickly turned into a distant memory.

Losing is a part of sports. We all have to face a struggling team sooner or later. Since I won’t give up on my favorite teams and I’m sure you won’t either, I decided to write a guide on how to deal with being invested in a team that’s playing like garbage.

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Lower Your Expectations… A Lot

It’s very disappointing when your team doesn’t live up to your high expectations. By lowering your expectations a little bit, you can prepare yourself for a difficult conclusion to the season. Expecting your team to lose makes losing bearable and wins a pleasant surprise.

Mr. Joseph Gregory, long-time loyal Jets fan, explained, “I have learned to expect nothing so that I will never be disappointed, but I also will be that much happier when good things do happen.”

Turning off the TV or leaving the game might also be helpful. If it is too painful to watch, change the channel for a bit or for that game.

Let Your Frustrations Out 

When your favorite team frustrates you, it’s good to find a way to let go of the anger. For me I have a punching bag that I like to use when my team disappoints.  You should, however, make sure you don’t turn to social media and post something you’ll regret.

Talking to another sports fan especially someone who also supports your team can help according to Wikihow. Misery does love company, so discussing those frustrations with a friend should allow you to blow off so steam.

Also, yelling at the TV can reduce stress. The results of a Washington Post-UMass Lowell poll of 813 sports fans showed that “one-fifth (19 percent) of the fans indicated they ‘always’ yell at the TV when watching sports.” Although yelling at the screen won’t change the outcome of the game, it can be cathartic and healthy.

Look to Next Year 

This season may be a lost cause, but a bad year for sports teams often means a high draft pick and a great opportunity to improve next year. I’m currently thinking of what the Packers could use to improve and be successful next year. By occupying my mind with the potential, they have in the future, it distracts me from their poor performance this year.

Remember When They Were at Their Best

Remember the times when they were successful. Almost every team has been a top team in the league at some point in their history, look back on those times to help you get over the disappointment of this season.  It also helps to focus on the smaller victories. Look over the remaining games on the schedule and determine which of the games are winnable, it will help you find something to be excited about.

How is your favorite team doing this season? Have you had to deal with a struggling team? If so, use the tips from this article for help.

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Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller, Editor
Dylan Miller is currently a Junior at Colonia High School,he enjoys participating in sports,earning varsity letters in Cross Country,Winter Track and Spring Track. In addition to participating in sports, Dylan also follows the NFL,NBA and MLB. Scouting is a large part of Dylan’s extracurricular activities,while on his path to Eagle,he will learn more about leadership and communication. When he’s not busy in school or running,he enjoys watching TV shows like Ted Lasso,he also likes listening to sports analysts Colin Cowherd,Jim Rome or Dan Patrick. He aspires to get in the sports field 

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Brief guide to dealing with a struggling sports team