Cheerleader’s uniforms lead to controversey


Photo Credit: Sofia Sokolow

By: Sofia Sokolow, Reporter

Watching NFL or even an All-Star cheer routine can bring excitment to the crowd. Between the stunts they throw, tumbling they do and the energy of their dances, it’s hard not to notice the sparkling uniforms that they wear.

The evolution of uniforms went from sweaters and ankle length skirts to skin tight, two-piece, middrift showing pieces of cloth. The controversey with the current cheer uniforms is thatyoung girls feel uncomfortable in them because of the sexual implocations.

Uniforms reduce self-esteem

CBS News reported, in Connecticut, a few cheerleaders’ attire are causing quite a commotion. According to them, their uniforms are overly scanty and lower their self-esteem. The University of South Carolina has surveyed college cheerleaders and found that the clothes can have negative impacts. Particularly among young women wearing midriff-baring uniforms, one-third of those surveyed were at risk for eating disorders.

Female college students’ physical beauty, physical quality, and physical self-worth were significantly different before and after 16 weeks of cheering exercise. Before and after the trial, there were noticeable differences in the students’ physical health and athletic ability. The overall symptom index, mean score of positive symptoms, somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, interpersonal sensitivity, depression, anxiety, hostility, terror, paranoia, and psychosis were all significantly different. According to the National Library of Medicine.


Staff thoughts

After doing lots of research, it’s not just cheerleaders that have prroblems with their uniforms. It’s teacher too. Stated by Kiro 7 Cheerleaders at Cascade High School in Everett, Washington claim that because their school-approved uniforms are excessively exposing, they are not allowed to wear them in class.  Students from Cascade informed Kiro 7 that when they attend school in uniform on game day, particular teachers began demanding them to change. There is no administration-driven movement to ban wearing uniforms in class. A representative for the Everett School District informed reports from Kiro 7 who contacted. However, the representative pointed them toward the school district’s dress code. Stating that if a specific teacher finds a student to be wearing an unsuitable outfit, that teacher may then request that the student change.

Professional problems

As we saw the issues with simply high school cheerleading uniforms. NFL cheerleading uniforms are by far worse. Although school and All Stars uniforms frequently have collegiate and sporty aspects, NFL teams traditionally prioritize glamour, sex appeal, and themed appearances as believed by CNN. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders have long preferred feminine pirate styling with lace-up bra tops and jagged little skirts, while the Denver Broncos cheerleaders have channeled Western influences with matching vests and chaps.

Despite the unifrom

As per Varsity, even though stunting, jumping, and tumbling in cheering demand a variety of physical skills, there are so many opportunities for personal growth that enable athletes to gainuseful life skills. These abilities promote confidence and include self-control, cooperation with others, and goal-setting. Cheerleading is about becoming the best version of yourself and allowing you to reach your full potential. It goes beyond the practices, games, community activities, and competitions that take up your schedule.

Here are some advantages. Team work, in every phase of life, having the capacity to work well in a team is valuable. Cheer teaches athletes how to set current, long-term goals and develop plans to achieve them. Cheer is an excellent example of how to practice cooperation, compromise, and teamwork. Social skills, Cheerleading gives you the opportunity to meet people outside of your usual circle of friends. When you travel to events, you get to meet new people and explore new places. The social skills that cheer leads to, such as empathy, conflict resolution, respect for others, and maintaining composure, are also transferable to other areas of life.