How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other countries and on what days


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Getting ready to repay the woman who gave them gifts a month earlier by giving her gifts on the second Valentine’s Day. It was originally discovered in Japan in 1978, and ever since, it has become a tradition in many Asian nations.

Valentine’s Day is observed in a variety of ways and on various dates around the world, but it always serves the same purpose: to express appreciation for a significant other.


The first Valentine’s Day card is thought to have been created in France in 1415 when Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote letters of love to his wife while imprisoned. And between February 12 and February 14, the French village of “Valentine” became the center of romance. Where you are able to see the companionship to each other so evidently with the roses, valentine cards, heart shaped balloons, and many more. It is the oldest and most magnificent tradition.

The Many Different Love Dates

Valentine’s Day is observed very differently in some nations, including South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Typically, the men receive a ton of gifts and receive all the attention. On March 14th, “White Day,” when it is their turn to be honored, women are given the favor of receiving chocolate gifts in return.

Valentine’s Day is observed on July 12 in Brazil, a date that was changed in 1948 to increase sales during the year’s slowest-selling month. Depending on when the market needs a boost, Uruguayans do the same around October.

The Day of Love and Friendship is observed in Colombia on the third Saturday in September, while it is observed on September 21 in Bolivia. Traditional Valentine’s Day presents are made in both nations. 

In nations like India and Argentina, Valentine’s Weeks are even observed and carried out for seven days. They have specific dates for when to give romantic gifts, such as Teddy Day or Hug Day in India. In contrast, a special candy campaign in Argentina trades kisses for treats in July.

Unique Events

Valentine’s Day is a popular time for young couples to get married in the Philippines as part of a ceremony sponsored by the government as thanks for their involvement in society.

Valentine’s Day is observed in Wales in a very distinctive manner. The nation commemorates it on January 25th, also known as the “Day of San Dwynwen,” when lovers give each other handcrafted wooden spoons. The custom has been followed since the sixteenth century.

Romania has a unique holiday that people are unfamiliar with but it’s romantic there. Young men picking colorful flowers for each other in the forest may seem suitable, but other couples may end up washing their faces in snow for good luck.

Central America

Valentine’s Day is very well-liked in Central America. Where most people travel for romantic getaways, millions of messages are sent to compliment their partners. ‘Carinitos’ swapping, as they say in the Dominican Republic. However, in some nations, such as Panama, in which Mardi Gras is celebrated instead of Valentine’s Day, as it is overshadowed.

Countries that don’t celebrate 

Based on their people’s religious beliefs, some nations forbid their citizens from celebrating the day. These nations consist of Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.