Should Colonia High School offer archery?


Photo Credit: Photo via Elias Meli

In the Colonia High School gym their is a picture of archery implying that it could have either been considered or previously occurred here.

Colonia High School offers a wide array of sports and activities. But one seems to be missing: archery. Would this be possible today, and if so, how?

In the Colonia High School gym, there is a picture of an archer. This implies that it could have either been considered or previously occurred here.

How would this affect us economically?

A bow can come at a heavy price costing roughly a few hundred dollars each. Arrows can cost roughly $10 for a few. n Arm Guard and String Wax, which is highly recommended, is about $20. A backyard range, which is also recommended, can cost roughly $50.

There are other optional products to buy for archery. The cost is $30 for a finger tab or shooting glove, a quiver, and a nocking point. A shooting glove should be bought to prevent injuries on hands but a finger tab should only be used during practices, not during actual events. A quiver can be used to save time by easily being able to pull out another arrow after a shot. A nocking point costs about $1 so why not pick it up?

To help economically, Colonia should hold practices first and the top 10 kids will be put on a team. Ten arrows should also be given per kid during practices as well as ten of each of the required and optional items. These choices can be effective in helping the school save money. Re-using these items could also help to be more cost-efficient.

Is this realistic?

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see other schools participate in archery. If schools can properly reuse and clean the equipment, it wouldn’t be too expensive.

As long as there is an interest, people are more than likely willing to give archery a shot.

A season where students play each other in a set amount of games until the top 16 are put in a tournament to determine a final school state champion for New Jersey is ideal.

How would it work?

A field of targets could be set up on the football field at the 50-yard line. After that, a select few students compete for the most points toward the center of the target.

For example, the ten students participating could each go against the other ten from the other school. Students from each school will try to score points from set yard distances starting with ten yards. Going further and further back until one team scores more than the other.