Colonia crowned powder puff champions

Photo Credit: Michael Albanese
Colonia’s Powder Puff Football Game trophy .

On November 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm, Colonia defeated Woodbridge in a Powder Puff football game on the blue turf by a score of 63-42. This was a fundraiser for the senior classes of the two high schools.

Colonia has done Powder Puff games in the past, but this is the first year the girls will play another school. The team was coached by Seniors: Sam Pero, Nick Filzen, Raul Cardona, Justin Desordi, Chris Handville, William Fitzsimmons, and Nicholas Louro. Some of the players included: Seniors Amanda D’Alessandro,  Jazlyn Moya, Nicole Anzano, and Juniors Stephanie Piccininni and Amanda Poulakowski.  The cheerleaders were Seniors Matthew Cowan and  John Fantell.

At least 300 people came, and Colonia’s senior class raised about $1,561. Woodbridge High School Senior Class Adviser, Mr. Switek approached the four class advisers of CHS about having this event. “We all thought it would be a great idea and a wonderful fundraiser for both senior classes.We would like to make this an annual event,” Senior Class Adviser and Chemistry Teacher Rosemary Meade stated.

Woodbridge scored the first touchdown of the game. Quickly after Jazlyn Moya, Varsity soccer player, scored the first touchdown for Colonia in the first quarter to tie the game 7-7. Woodbridge took the lead 14-7 with another touchdown.Then with 4:05 left  softball player, Nicole Anzano tied the game 14-14. With Woodbridge on offense, softball player, Gabby Perez intercepted a long pass with 3:07 left . This lead to, softball player, Jill Mizak, scoring a  touchdown for Colonia with 6 seconds left in the first quarter.

With Colonia leading 21-14, volleyball player, Jenn Mulroney modeled her boyfriend and coach, Sam Pero’s ,moves and scored a touchdown giving Colonia the 28-21 in the 2nd quarter. Woodbridge came back and tied the game at halftime.Woodbridge had a performance from the cheerleaders with a cheer and stunts.

In the 3rd quarter, Jazlyn Moya with another touchdown put Colonia in the lead 35-28, and scored another touchdown shortly after, Colonia lead 42-28. Woodbridge came back, 42-35.  Kate Brannigan had a completion with 27 seconds left of the 3rd quarter, a Colonia 1st down.

Starting the 4th quarter, Nicole Anzano scored, giving Colonia 49-35 lead. Moya scored another touchdown as Colonia edged ahead. Woodbridge answered back shortly after Moya’s touchdown making the score 56-42. Colonia’s Anzano scored one last touchdown with 1:13 left in the game.

The tickets were $4 pre-sale and at the door $5, and if you bought the tickets at the door the money was split for both the senior class of Colonia and Woodbridge. There was a big turnout and great school spirit by the fans. Shoutouts were also sold for $1.

“It was very nice for CHS to win the game. However, it’s not just winning the game that matters,; I am proud to be a part  of a collaboration between Woodbridge and Colonia High School where we raised funds for both Senior Classes,” Meade said.