Students invited to the The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists

The Letter sent to all invited to the NAFST

The Letter sent to all invited to the NAFST

In the recent months, many high school students on the East Coast have been receiving letters from The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists, or NAFST, inviting them to Boston in June. However, for some this trip might be a very long journey, and just how worthy of their time and money is it to invest in going?

The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists invited numerous high school students to listen to such speakers as David Wineland, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, Vice President of IBM Watson Mike Rhodin, former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and many other scientific figures. Students selected to attend will stay in Boston for three days, during which they will meet several winners of various Nobel Prizes, top ten university Deans, and academic leaders for Ivy League schools.

To be nominated to attend the Congress, students must have received a nomination from an educator, counselor, or principal. In addition to this, a 3.5 GPA (current or cumulative) is also required, as well as proof of GPA. Afterwords payment is also required to attend, however attendance at the Congress may count towards college credit, depending on the college. The Washington Adventist University is offering one guaranteed credit for attending, after a short essay is written by the student wishing to receive the credit, and payment for the credit is received.

While it may sound at first like something similar to this has been tried and done before, this Congress will be unique due to the sheer magnitude of the event. Figures have not been given to the public, but a vague estimate has been given that several thousand students have already signed up to attend, making this one of the largest meetings of this kind due to the amount of attendants and the prestige of the speakers. In addition, all of the students attending are honor students or better, making this event deserving of the title of one of the best of its kind.

Recently the Congress has been issuing letters of admittance to many students attending high school along the East oast, Colonia High School students among them. Unfortunately the Congress requires a fee to attend, which for many is a deterrent, keeping them from attending. This fee will pay for the speakers, the wide range of activities, and demonstrations that students will take part in. The families themselves must pay for travel, hotels, and meals, which is a pretty steep price for many. Not only that, attending also requires the student to be away from home for the duration as it obviously is to take place in Boston.

Among the students invited at CHS was Freshman Riley Kirejevas, who stated, “The price was too steep for me to want to attend a three-day event.”

Through all of this, even some students still attend as they believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Considering the amount of students attending, one needs to ask the question; is attending The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists a waste of money and time or a once in a lifetime opportunity?