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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Katherine Albuquerque

Katherine Albuquerque, Editor

Katherine Albuquerque is a senior at Colonia High School and a second year journalism student. People know her by her nickname, Katie. She’s a member of the Black Student Union and Multicultural club. Moreover, she enjoys volunteering as much as possible, since she loves giving back to the community. During her free time, you can find her listening to music, staying active, hanging out with friends, and wondering where she’s going to travel to next. She hopes to have a career that allows her to go all over the world and discover new cultures. Albuquerque is enthusiastic about being an editor for The Declaration

All content by Katherine Albuquerque
Environmentalist normally try to galvanize as many supporters as possible to work against climate change. 


December 3, 2021
The girl had a lot of friends, however, most of them acted in smarmy ways.


December 2, 2021
Derricks can be found in oil fields all over the world.


December 1, 2021
Normally people who are wealthy are hoity-toity towards those in lower social classes.


November 30, 2021
The girls penmanship obfuscated the content of her essay. 


November 29, 2021
Some children feign to be sick in order not to go to school.


November 24, 2021
In New Brunswick, Rutgers University is an enclave for all of its students. 


November 23, 2021
During New Years Eve, people around the world roister with their friends and family. 


November 22, 2021
Dictators around the world normally establish draconian laws in their countries. 


November 19, 2021
At one point in time, there was no amity between France and England.


November 18, 2021
The girl negotiated with her parents so her curfew would be 10 p.m. on Friday.


November 17, 2021
The mans facetious attitude got him removed from the conference. 


November 16, 2021
NASAs scientists found two wormholes yesterday close to Earth.


November 15, 2021
The professor edified her students before the exam by giving them a short lecture. 


November 12, 2021
A bevy of celebrities attended the Met Gala last year. 


November 10, 2021
The landscapers truncated the branches of the tree. 


November 9, 2021
Demagogues are usually not respected by people around the world. 


November 8, 2021
People should never procrastinate when it comes to their savings because one day theyll need it for retirement. 


October 29, 2021
The valedictorian gave an eloquent speech at graduation. 


October 28, 2021
My grandparents love to pour old fashion treacle on their pancakes. 


October 27, 2021
My mom hectored me about my messy room.


October 25, 2021
The devotion shown by those in the military to protect and serve our country is laudable.


October 22, 2021
The students untoward behavior in class led to a suspension from school.


October 21, 2021
Contractors must batten wooden beams with metal straps.


October 20, 2021
The nomenclature given to those who are crossing the street is pedestrians. 


October 19, 2021
The fashion industry has been creating more clothing lines geared towards zaftig women.


October 18, 2021
My grandmother embellished my sweater with roses and butterflies. 


October 15, 2021
Members of the cabal were found and arrested for their devious plans to egg the school.


October 14, 2021
As I walked into school wearing bell bottom jeans, everyone gave me odious stares.


October 13, 2021
Yesterday my boss extricated me from  an early morning conference that was suppose to last 3 hours.


October 12, 2021
The restaurateur decided to remodel her restaurant.


October 11, 2021
The students showed a cavalier attitude toward the information video about smoking.


October 7, 2021
Every night, parents around the world loll their babies to sleep.


October 6, 2021
The couple was intransigent, so the therapist couldnt help them.


October 5, 2021
The game show contestants proved their mettle by winning the game. 


October 4, 2021
The lost car left vestiges on the road.


October 1, 2021
Although it may appear that Sam and I have a filial connection, we’re actually not related.


September 30, 2021
The musician has a zest for touring and performing.


September 29, 2021
The remodeling contractor was able to parlay the last home purchased into a mansion.


September 28, 2021
The school district declined the misbegotten article for the newspaper.


September 27, 2021
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The student news site of Colonia High School
Katherine Albuquerque