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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

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Myopic people often get corrective eye surgery or wear glasses or contacts.

[Photo] Myopic

January 28, 2022
The girls plan to success is a ziggurat- there are many steps for her to achieve her dreams. 

[Photo] Ziggurat

January 27, 2022
The salesperson bamboozled her into buying the sofa. 

[Photo] Bamboozle

January 26, 2022
The teacher overheard the students trade quips during the test. 

[Photo] Quip

January 25, 2022
The student apologized for her intemperate meltdown during class. 

[Photo] Intemperate

January 24, 2022
The teachers non sequitur about the principals red pantsuit got her in trouble with the administration. 

[Photo] Non Sequitur

January 20, 2022
Many illnesses have debilitating repercussions on ones body.

[Photo] Debilitating

January 19, 2022
The teacher had a winsome personality that made the students love her. 

[Photo] Winsome

January 18, 2022
The science teacher had to gloss some of the scientific terms in the textbook so students could understand. 

[Photo] Gloss

January 14, 2022
The nurses meritorious service was praised by the entire town. 

[Photo] Meritorious

January 13, 2022
During the prolonged quarantine, people began going stir-crazy due to being in lockdown for so long. 

[Photo] Stir-crazy

January 12, 2022
For our assignment, we had to get our evidence from a tome. 

[Photo] Tome

January 11, 2022
All of my teachers are very affable. 

[Photo] Affable

January 10, 2022
His eyes were a bright, cerulean color. 

[Photo] Cerulean

January 6, 2022
The article sullied her reputation and career. 

[Photo] Sully

January 5, 2022
Having antithetical political ideologies may cause some disagreements throughout society. 

[Photo] Antithetical

January 4, 2022
The year 2002 is a palindrome.

[Photo] Palindrome

January 3, 2022
to feel or show deep respect and honor for someone or something

[Photo] Venerate

December 17, 2021
The paucity of food in many countries around the world is a constant concern for the United Nations. 

[Photo] Paucity

December 23, 2021
My dogs benign behavior made everybody at the park love him.

[Photo] Benign

December 22, 2021
Many people get exasperated when they see others text and drive.

[Photo] Exasperate

December 21, 2021
Realtors cannot be hucksters because they will ruin their reputation. 

[Photo] Huckster

December 20, 2021
Healthcare workers should never be abrasive towards patients.

[Photo] Abrasive

December 16, 2021
My gold butterfly necklace is my talisman as good things always happen whenever I wear it.

[Photo] Talisman

December 15, 2021
The students made a flippant remark towards the principal. 

[Photo] Flippant

December 14, 2021
The students beleaguered their teacher because they didnt want to take the test.

[Photo] Beleaguer

December 13, 2021
Palisades became famous during the 1950s around residential neighborhood. 

[Photo] Palisade

December 10, 2021
Lawyers cannot be milquetoasts because they must prepare good arguments to present to the court.

[Photo] Milquetoast

December 8, 2021
The man was ostracized by his neighbors because of his religious beliefs.

[Photo] Ostracized

December 7, 2021
When the pandemic began, people believed that fomites were capable of transmitting the virus.

[Photo] Fomite

December 6, 2021
Environmentalist normally try to galvanize as many supporters as possible to work against climate change. 

[Photo] Galvanize

December 3, 2021
The girl had a lot of friends, however, most of them acted in smarmy ways.

[Photo] Smarmy

December 2, 2021
Derricks can be found in oil fields all over the world.

[Photo] Derrick

December 1, 2021
Normally people who are wealthy are hoity-toity towards those in lower social classes.

[Photo] Hoity-toity

November 30, 2021
The girls penmanship obfuscated the content of her essay. 

[Photo] Obfuscate

November 29, 2021
Some children feign to be sick in order not to go to school.

[Photo] Feign

November 24, 2021
In New Brunswick, Rutgers University is an enclave for all of its students. 

[Photo] Enclave

November 23, 2021
During New Years Eve, people around the world roister with their friends and family. 

[Photo] Roister

November 22, 2021
Dictators around the world normally establish draconian laws in their countries. 

[Photo] Draconian

November 19, 2021
At one point in time, there was no amity between France and England.

[Photo] Amity

November 18, 2021
The girl negotiated with her parents so her curfew would be 10 p.m. on Friday.

[Photo] Negotiate

November 17, 2021
The mans facetious attitude got him removed from the conference. 

[Photo] Factious

November 16, 2021
NASAs scientists found two wormholes yesterday close to Earth.

[Photo] Wormhole

November 15, 2021
The professor edified her students before the exam by giving them a short lecture. 

[Photo] Edify

November 12, 2021
A bevy of celebrities attended the Met Gala last year. 

[Photo] Bevy

November 10, 2021
The landscapers truncated the branches of the tree. 

[Photo] Truncate

November 9, 2021
Demagogues are usually not respected by people around the world. 

[Photo] Demagogue

November 8, 2021
People should never procrastinate when it comes to their savings because one day theyll need it for retirement. 

[Photo] Procrastinate

October 29, 2021
The valedictorian gave an eloquent speech at graduation. 

[Photo] Eloquent

October 28, 2021
My grandparents love to pour old fashion treacle on their pancakes. 

[Photo] Treacle

October 27, 2021
My mom hectored me about my messy room.

[Photo] Hector

October 25, 2021
The devotion shown by those in the military to protect and serve our country is laudable.

[Photo] Devotion

October 22, 2021
The students untoward behavior in class led to a suspension from school.

[Photo] Untoward

October 21, 2021
Contractors must batten wooden beams with metal straps.

[Photo] Batten

October 20, 2021
The nomenclature given to those who are crossing the street is pedestrians. 

[Photo] Nomenclature

October 19, 2021
The fashion industry has been creating more clothing lines geared towards zaftig women.

[Photo] Zaftig

October 18, 2021
The remodeling contractor was able to parlay the last home purchased into a mansion.

[Photo] Parlay

September 28, 2021
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Photo Credit via Merriam Webster